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New Wave Seafood Best of Flavor 2017

Seared Rockfish with green wax beans, peewee potatoes, toasted almonds, lemon confit

Kyle Bailey

Inventive twists mark the modern seafood trend—perhaps with a smart play on tradition or the introduction of unexpected flavors. What could have been a rather straightforward dish at Sixth Engine restaurant, a former historic firehouse in Washington, D.C., becomes a standout instead.

With the Seared Rockfish dish, Kyle Bailey, Culinary Director for Longshot Hospitality, parent company of Sixth Engine, pays homage to a timeless seafood dish, while taking the flavor balance in a new direction. The rockfish is served with green wax beans, peewee potatoes, toasted almonds and lemon confit.

“The dish is layered with the savory taste of the flaky rockfish, the sweet of the beans, and the tart of the lemon confit,” says Bailey. “A touch of crunch from the toasted almonds ensures the full balance of the dish.”

Bailey says he believes every meal should have a perfect blend of taste and texture—something he strives to do on all of his menus.

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