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April 4, 2020

A well-constructed, fresh pasta salad can work across dayparts and menuparts, offering signature options at brunch, dinner and everything in between. Similar to the trending grain-based bowl, pasta salad has the right building blocks for success. It’s a versatile format that easily takes on flavor and is wrapped around comfort and familiarity.

Today’s successful pasta salad leads with satisfying, nutrient-rich protein, textural contrast and exciting flavor play. Here’s an example—one that leverages a classic flavor seeing a resurgence, along with an emerging chile pepper that’s poised to heat up menus in 2020.

Technomic predicts that by 2021, menu mentions of Green Goddess dressing will increase 70%

Dressed to thrill: Green Goddess Pasta Salad

This Green Goddess Pasta Salad showcases the bright, light flavor combinations featured in California cuisine. Gemelli pasta is tossed with haricots verts, green apple and asparagus, then topped with toasted pine nuts. It stars a creative rendition of green goddess, the creamy, herbaceous dressing that traditionally sees mayonnaise, tarragon, parsley, chives and lemon juice. Here, watercress adds a peppery back note while Urfa chile and smoked salt introduce complexity.

60% of consumers want restaurants to carry Butterball turkey—that’s a whopping 10X higher than the number-two turkey brand.*

Pasta salad serves up a versatile platform—from menuing California cuisine or Eastern Mediterranean to modern Mexican. Roast turkey helps build the bridge to a familiar and satisfying menu choice, adding a protein that carries modern flavor combinations beautifully.

Get the Green Goddess Pasta Salad recipe.

*The Importance of Turkey Away from Home, Butterball 2019

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