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By Flavor & The Menu
May 6, 2021


Hunter Evans

Hunter Evans

The menu at all-day café Elvie’s is an amalgam of Mississippi’s culinary heritage, French influences and regional ingredients. The Wahoo in Corn is a perfect representation of that spirit, celebrating a root-to-stem approach to one of the area’s most abundant and iconic summer vegetables.

Executive Chef Hunter Evans wraps the fish, along with an array of aromatics, in a fresh corn husk and steams it. To plate, he covers pieces of the husk with the steamed wahoo, then spoons a charred corn-squash-zucchini succotash on top. Tableside, a sauce made with corn purée laced with jalapeño is poured over the dish. “The goal of the sauce is to resemble the flavor profile of a creamed corn,” says Evans. “And the corn husk lends a subtle nutty corn flavor that pairs really well with the wahoo, which is lean, flaky and mild, with a sweet taste.”

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