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By Flavor & The Menu
May 6, 2021


Erin WadePhoto credit: Andrew Bennett

Erin Wade

In the hands of Chef/Owner Erin Wade, chia pudding becomes an intensely flavored and craveable treat. She features it on the menu at Modern General, a hybrid concept of café, market and general store that serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and juices. Her Chia-Lime Pudding is topped with a bright and tart passionfruit curd, macerated raspberries and a unique coriander granola. “The flavors come together in a weirdly perfect, layered, delicious bite of fruit-earth-tropical creamy-crunch,” says Wade.

“This menu item struggled at first with confusion about the chia pudding—I think some people thought it was seed butter. Once they try it, they are addicted. It’s just so complex and layered,” she says, crediting one ingredient as critical to its success: “The passionfruit curd is just so good. I want it on everything.”

The Chia-Lime Pudding may be intriguing to guests precisely because it straddles the line between wholesome and craveable. Wade also reports that it works well as a healthy on-the-go option. “Not all breakfast dishes work well for takeout, but this one does.”

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