Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020

Jeff Vucko chef photoGALDOPHOTO

Jeff Vucko

“I am a huge fan of spicy and sweet and all things butter,” says Jeff Vucko, Chef de Cuisine of upscale American concept Travelle at The Langham hotel. “Ask my wife; I don’t hesitate to ask for more bread or butter if it’s good when we go out.” When developing bread service at Travelle, Vucko incorporated his love of those things by creating the Warm Asiago Bread.

Travelle sources Asiago sourdough from La Fournette Bakery nearby in Chicago. “Chef Pierre Zimmermann is a genius baker, and the bread alone is a star,” Vucko says. But he makes it special by using local ’nduja to create a unique, spicy whipped butter, balanced with naturally sweet and rich honeycomb. Although an inexpensive menu item, restaurants must earn their added charges for bread service with memorable elements, as Vucko does with this signature offering. “We want to start your meal out with a bang and get you craving what dish is next,” he says.

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