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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Ricardo Alvarado photo

Ricardo Alvarado

A sultry, dramatic profile is fitting for Bordel, a cocktail bar and cabaret that brings to mind the revelry of Paris’ Belle Époque. The Spanish Coffee is served hot and features orange liqueur, Demerara, a malted cream float and cinnamon. The menu lists “magic” as a component, too. “The bartenders put on a show, lighting the glass on fire, adding coffee and foaming the cream,” says Ricardo Alvarado, Beverage Director of Bordel and Black Bull, the sister restaurant downstairs that serves Spanish tapas and also offers the Spanish Coffee.

“It’s a must-have because not only is the drink delightful, but the care and the craftsmanship that go into it showcase how proud we are of the drink,” he says. “The cream-coffee-cinnamon combo is what hits the mouth first. The cold sensation of the cream and the coffee awakens the senses. It’s an adult coffee drink—a more sophisticated version of the one you’d make at home.”


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