Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020

Mark Goldberg photoCONNIE MILLER

Mark Goldberg

Nostalgia is a powerful driver for both chefs and their customers. Mark Goldberg, Culinary Director of Park Restaurant & Bar, has fond childhood memories of classic New England diner sandwiches, including the patty melt. “The iconic grilled cheese with a burger in the middle was culinary genius to an 8 year old,” he says. “We wanted to bring back the magic and nostalgia of simpler days.”

Goldberg evokes those easier times with his Park Patty Melt. Housed between fresh-baked slices of rye, his griddled ground-chuck burger replaces the traditional caramelized onions with hard-seared onions tossed in hot sauce. Housemade Russian dressing adds tang and moisture, while American cheese keeps things nostalgic. The Melt is a retro signature on the menu, perfect for this vintage-inflected modern restaurant. “Our Patty Melt hits all the right notes,” Goldberg says. “A few good ingredients, quick assembly, low cost, good value and a fulfilling meal.”

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