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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Cory Bahr photo

Cory Bahr

The Mississippi Delta’s robust duck hunting culture inspired Parish Restaurant’s wildly popular appetizer, the Duck Wrap. Cory Bahr, Chef/Owner, celebrates regional cuisine throughout his menu, with this snack capturing the flavor of live-fire cooking, along with a valuable sense of place. “A variation of this dish is something you’d find at a duck camp,” says Bahr. “Our version is both elevated and familiar.”

The Duck Wrap stars duck tenderloin that’s been marinated in red wine vinegar, then combined with Creole cream cheese, smoked cheddar and pickled jalapeño—all encircled by smoked bacon, crisped and glazed with local honey, red wine vinegar and chile flakes. “It’s smoky, creamy, spicy, slightly sweet and a little crunchy; it’s literally all the things you want in a delicious bite,” says Bahr. “We sell hundreds of these wraps per week.”

While duck is clearly a native son in Louisiana cuisine, dishes like this one hold universal appeal and continue to demonstrate duck’s reach beyond fine dining.


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