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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Craig Jimenez photo

Craig Jimenez

When you name a burger after a heavyweight in the world of celebrated action heroes, the flavor build had better deliver some heft. At Rabbit Hole, a neighborhood pub that serves upscale comfort food, the Ground Chuck Norris Burger fits the bill nicely.

Served on brunch, lunch and dinner menus, this signature burger features two smashed patties with a double stack of cheese. Crispy onion strings, bacon jam and housemade Louie dressing complete the picture. “We add onion strings for crunch, bacon jam for savory sweetness and zesty Louie dressing to help meld it all together,” says Craig Jimenez, Culinary Director of Social Syndicate, the hospitality company that operates Rabbit Hole. “Our philosophy is keeping the ingredients to a minimum so each one has an equal tune within the final composition.”


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