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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Ellen Talbot photo

Ellen Talbot

A softer touch with smoke is an approach that’s informing both food and beverage development today, where intrigue lies in nuanced tones rather than assertive ones. At Fable Lounge, a speakeasy and cocktail bar, the Emotional Intelligence tempers smoky mezcal with the unexpected combination of crème de cacao and citrus. “It’s a favorite because the ingredients are not ones that necessarily work together on paper, but the drink is a surprisingly fun journey on the palate,” says Ellen Talbot, Lead Bartender.

The cocktail features Fidencio Clásico mezcal, crème de cacao, allspice dram, lime juice and orange bitters, shaken and served over a large ice cube with nutmeg shaved on top. “It drinks like a spiced margarita,” she says. “Mezcal creates a rich, smoky base that binds the flavors. The crème de cacao has sophisticated notes of vanilla bean and cocoa that play with the allspice and round out the front of the drink. Lime brightens up the finish, while the smoke lingers on the front and very back of each sip.”


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