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By Flavor & The Menu
May 5, 2020


Scott Linquist photo

Scott Linquist

Brunch promises comfort, connection and, for some, a salve for self-inflicted wounds from over-indulging on Friday or Saturday nights. In those instances, dishes like chilaquiles, a rising star out of Mexico’s breakfast repertoire, appeal to brunch-goers looking to counter hangovers. Of course, this savory dish also hits the spot for diners simply looking for a flavorful, fun breakfast/brunch option.

Coyo Taco, a laid-back taqueria that serves modern Mexican fare, offers weekend guests its version, the Brunch Chilaquiles con Huevos, featuring crispy corn tortilla chips baked with guajillo chile salsa, sprinkled with a blend of Mexican cheeses and topped with two sunny-side-up eggs and slices of avocado. “Customers love having this dish during brunch. It’s one of our best sellers,” says Scott Linquist, Chef/Owner and Partner. “It’s filling, satisfying and affordable. The Chilaquiles are perfect after a long night of partying, which can happen a lot when living in Miami.”

Apart from its popularity, he says the profit margins make the Brunch Chilaquiles a winning dish. “It utilizes products we already have in our kitchen, so it’s a great profit builder,” says Linquist. “It’s very easy because we have everything on hand. It features simple ingredients and it’s straightforward—all prepped in one pan.”


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