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The Caveman Burger with smoked sausage, pulled pork, jalapeño, pepper Jack and R&R sweet sauce

Twin brothers Roger and Rod Livingston are nine-time champion pit masters and owners of R&R Barbeque in Utah. They developed the Caveman Burger as a way to stand out in the burger marketplace—all in one over-the-top presentation. “We grill a one-third pound of chuck ground beef seasoned with Cajun spices,” says Rod Livingston. “We cover that with a spicy smoked andouille sausage that has a big kick at the end. Next, we add smoked dry-rubbed pulled pork, topped with jalapeños, then smother the whole thing with melted Jack cheese. One more layer of flavor comes when we top it off with our award-winning sweet sauce.”

R&R runs The Caveman as a burger special on Thursday nights, selling hundreds of them at both locations. “It’s definitely a meat-lover’s sandwich that hits all the taste buds with a burger that has the right amount of salt and goodness that comes from a great barbecue rub,” says Roger Livingston, who credits Rod for the build. “As you eat the meat, you get a sense of heat from the sausage and jalapeños, followed by the lasting taste of sweet barbecue sauce. We wanted to make sure we hit all the bases for burger and barbecue lovers. There are some pretty great burgers here in Utah, and we wanted to make sure that no one had anything close to this one. It’s a big-ass sandwich that is as much a visual pleasure as it is to eat!”

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