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By Flavor & The Menu
July 7, 2019

This is our second postcard from Australia, a country that boasts an incredible food culture of global mash-ups and a dining consumer that often reflects similar flavor preferences to those of the American diner. True Aussie Beef & Lamb has outposts around the globe, tracking interesting flavors that can translate onto menus here. And of course, one of its biggest sources for global trends is its own backyard.

This issue’s flavor postcard comes from Higher Ground, an all-day restaurant in Melbourne, that is a perfect example of a modern multi-purpose foodservice venue.

Lamb Sausage Roll

Higher Ground elevates the Australian breakfast and snack favorite, the sausage roll. Their version sees an elegant flaky pastry stuffed with confit lamb sausage, served with a bright cucumber pickle and an umami-rich anchovy mayonnaise. The dish demonstrates a commitment to flavor complexity that is welcome on modern American menus, too. Higher Ground’s menu also showcases the opportunity in flexible spaces, moving seamlessly through the day while still having a definitive culinary point of view.

What’s the Opportunity?

The lamb sausage roll is worth a long look by operators here—it’s a hearty, craveable everyday item that features a laminated dough in a comfort-food profile. Perhaps it’s time to move on from the bagel dog and move up to the sausage roll.


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