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Ingredient: water

Idaho® Potato Hash Baes

Print Recipe Idaho® Potato Hash Baes Course Appetizer, Bar Snacks Servings servings Ingredients Hash Baes 4 lbs Idaho® russet potatoes peeled8 eggs1/2 cup Potato Starch2 tsp Garlic Powder2 tsp Onion Powder2 tsp salt2 tsp Black Pepper, groundCanola or Safflower oil for frying Pickled Red Onions (prepare 8 hours or up to 1 week ahead) 1 cup Plain Rice Vinegar1/3 cup water4 tsp kosher salt4 tsp Brown Sugar, packed1 Clove Garlic, smashed3 cups Red Onion, vertically sliced For Service 24 Hash Baes1.5 cup Labneh, sour cream or plain Greek Yogurt6 oz Salmon Roe1 English Cucumber, thinly sliced1 bunch Fresh Dill...

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Breakfast Enchiladas

Print Recipe Breakfast Enchiladas Course Entree Cuisine Breakfast, Latin, Mexican Servings people Ingredients Al Pastor Pork 10 lbs. pork butt2 cups pineapple juice1 cup orange juice1 cup white vinegar1 cup dark chile powder1/4 cup chopped garlic2 tablespoons dried Mexican oregano2 tablespoons ground cumin2 tablespoons kosher salt1 teaspoon ground cloves4 bay leaves crumbled Black Beans 2 lbs. dried black beans rinsed4 quarts water1-1/2 cups roughly chopped onions1/2 cup ketchup1 teaspoon ground cumin1 teaspoon chipotle puree1 teaspoon epazote powder1 tablespoon kosher salt Guajillo Salsa 6 oz. Guajillo chiles toasted6 cups chopped yellow onions1 cup chopped garlic1 cup olive oil blend6 pounds...

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