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Hot, Hot, Hot Best of Flavor 2017

Chef Hales’ Hot Chicken with Florida honey, house mustard, cucumber pickles

Richard Hales

Even Miami’s got the fever. At Bird & Bone, an American-inspired restaurant at the Confidante Hotel, Executive Chef Richard Hales offers up his take on the trending Nashville hot chicken. It’s a natural fit for Bird & Bone, which boasts an innovative menu reflecting the soul of traditional country cuisine.

Hales sources local chickens, brines and dry-ages them, then seasons with a proprietary housemade hot spice blend. “It is crackling-crispy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside,” says Hales. He serves it with Florida honey, house mustard and cucumber pickles, all atop Zak the Baker country bread. “It combines spicy, sweet and salty, and it’s a flavor bomb.”

“We knew we had a winner,” says Hales. “We just didn’t think we would become the best in Miami at what we’re doing.” The dish is so successful, he’s planning on extending it into chicken and waffles, sandwiches and biscuits.

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