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Chicken Tinga with cilantro rice and zucchini crema

Martin Breslin

It’s a home run when you hit it out of the park for both the diner looking for homespun comfort and the one seeking adventure. At the Harvard Kennedy School Café, the Cultural Concepts menu aims at scoring big with both types of diners. “It invites the international customer base at this professional school to explore the world with favorite recipes from homes and cuisines around the globe,” says Martin Breslin, Director of Culinary Operations.

The Chicken Tinga is one of the dishes in rotation on the Cultural Concepts menu. Served with cilantro rice and zucchini crema, the dish was created by two staff members—Arnaldo Rojas and Ricardo Catala. Chicken breast is roasted with chipotle, tomato and onion, then shredded and cooked in the sauce, and finished with cilantro. For the zucchini crema, sautéed zucchini is drizzled with a sauce made with heavy cream, garlic, onion and veggie base. “Part of what makes this a success is the simplicity and authenticity of these dishes—and that tomorrow, the guest will get to explore a whole other part of the world,” says Breslin.

Other Cultural Comfort dishes have included Guyanese Chicken Stew with Rice and Tamarind Glazed Eggplant, and Chicharrón with Arroz and Chicken Plancha. “These recipes exemplify our effort to look to our talented culinary team to share with the community their taste of home, wherever it might be,” he adds.

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