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Global Dip Pulls a Double Cantine | Austin, Texas

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

With trending Middle Eastern spices and easy shareability, muhammara is having a moment. At Cantine, where the focus is on the flavors of Italy and the surrounding Mediterranean, the muhammara made its way onto the menu after its sister restaurant (Fino) found the dip to be hugely popular among diners.

The red pepper-walnut dip originally hails from Aleppo, Syria, and when served with pita, it makes an inviting bar bite or shareable snack. “Its flavors are bright, with a touch of heat from the chile flakes and a nice richness from the toasted walnuts,” says Scott Kaplan, Executive Chef. “It’s very easy to make: Combine ingredients in a food processor and slowly add the oil to thicken.”

At Cantine, the on-trend flavor profile has moved it beyond dip into other dishes. “It’s used on the Cantine burger, and it’s great on egg dishes as well,” says Kaplan. “Muhamarra can also be made with almonds or hazelnuts and with varying degrees of spice. Everyone who tries it loves it.”

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