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Flavor Find: In a Pickle James Pitzer of StrEAT Food Trailer features house-pickled raspberries

Pickled raspberries offer a surprising pop of flavor to this prawn and broccolini dish, served at StrEAT Food Trailer in Bellingham, Wash.
PHOTO CREDIT: National Processed Raspberry Council

The pickled trend has taken off over the last number of years, adding an acidic finish to everything from bowls and tacos to sandwiches and charcuterie boards. And although pickled jalapeño, watermelon rinds and peaches are popping up more and more, pickled raspberries are a rarer sighting.

James Pitzer, chef of StrEAT Food Trailer in Bellingham, Wash., features house-pickled raspberries as a garnish on his appetizer of Olive Oil Poached Lummi Island Spot Prawns with broccolini salad, adding a tart-fresh unexpected finish to the dish.

“I use a basic brine with red wine vinegar and chill it before gently pouring over thawed [from frozen] red raspberries,” he says. “They’re in the brine for a week. I’ve got some raspberries that I’ve been brining for a year and they are intense!”

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