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Destination Burger Best of Flavor 2017

Spiked Bulleit Bourbon Burger with spiked housemade sauce with Bulleit bourbon, topped with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, applewood-smoked bacon and crispy onion strings

Stephanie Hoppe

The Spiked Bulleit Bourbon Burger holds rank as Bar Louie’s most successful limited-time offering. “It’s the top seller in the burger category and now a core menu item,” says Stephanie Hoppe, Chief Marketing Officer for the culinary and craft-focused bar concept. She stresses the importance of creating a signature, brand-fit item. “First off, Bar Louie is a bar,” she says, “and every bar needs a destination burger. The ‘21 and over’ Bulleit bourbon sauce created a great deal of buzz for the brand, as it was unique, differentiating and a complete brand fit. Guests loved the burger.”

The build starts with a cream cheese spread on a brioche bun, topped with a burger patty, Bulleit bourbon sauce, cheddar cheese, applewood-smoked bacon and crispy onion strings. It’s served with a side of Spiked Bulleit Bourbon Sauce—a full-proof sauce with a bit of heat. “The burger is full of complementary textures and flavors: crispy onion strings and bacon paired with cheddar and cream cheese in tandem with the sauce on a juicy burger and brioche bun makes the perfect blend of savory and sweet.” says Hoppe. Because of the success here, Bar Louie has just added Bulleit Bourbon Boneless Wings to its menu.

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