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Deli Delight Best of Flavor 2017

“Everything” Salmon with creamy polenta, arugula, red onion, fried capers, buttermilk sauce

Chefs are pulling from deli traditions and twisting those classic flavors into new forms. Just look at the Reuben and the “everything” bagel flavor system. At OB Surf Lodge, Executive Chef Nick Brune offers up an “Everything” Salmon entrée, fitting within the creative menu of California comfort food. The dish is based on the deli favorite: an “everything” bagel, lox, capers, cream cheese, purple onion and egg.

“This dish has a crazy amount of flavor,” says Brune. “We make our own ‘everything’ seasoning to crust the salmon and then sauté it until the seasoning is toasted,” he says. “We finish the salmon in the oven while we fry some capers crisp, and lightly wilt arugula with purple onion.” The salmon is cooked to medium and is plated with creamy polenta, wilted greens, fried capers and buttermilk sauce.

Brune says the dish is a hit, partly because it’s easy to relate to. “It also has a ton of flavor and is filling, but is not really that heavy of a dish,” he says. “The toasted umami flavors from the ‘everything’ seasoning combine in different ways with the rich flavors from the fish, the pepper and onion in the arugula, the creamy polenta, and finally, the bright buttermilk sauce. Throughout the dish there are also nice little ‘salt bombs’ coming from the crispy capers. The combined flavors hit every part of the palate and will change while tasting the different elements.”

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