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Clean & Fresh Corner Cafe | Atlanta

Diners seeking flavor-filled but lighter fare are driving the popularity of the Alaskan Halibut at Corner Café. Executive Chef Crystal Hoang poaches the fish in olive oil with a small sachet of herbs. “This allows us to celebrate the mild sweetness of the fish without overwhelming it with other flavors,” she explains. The halibut is served over a cauliflower “tabbouleh,” grated to the consistency of bulgur and combined with finely chopped parsley and preserved lemon, toasted pine nuts, sultanas and olive oil. “The flavor is clean without too much acidity, and it’s packed with freshness,” she adds. “This has been an extraordinary hit with customers needing light and fresh lunch fare. The ‘tabbouleh’ is a new, flavorful, light dish that provides a vitamin- packed boost—it’s versatile and can be paired with chicken and light seafood.”

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