Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for Seafood Celebration
Inspiring chefs and driving trends buoy today's opportunities
Picture for Skin in the Game
Prepping and serving seafood skin-on yields numerous benefits
Picture for Flavor Punch
When life gives you lemons, serve them with seafood
Picture for Seafood Brunch Bounty
10 brunch-friendly dishes primed for a seafood upgrade
Picture for Sheila Lucero
The Executive Chef at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar in Colorado and Missouri showcases bold flavors in her seafood
Picture for Lindy Howell
The Lead Chef at Dega Catering and Southern Ground Studios in Nashville, Tenn. works tirelessly to find the best products wherever she lands, sourcing local seafood whenever feasible
Picture for Cindy Walter
The Co-owner of Passionfish, Pacific Grove, Calif., appealing to customers with elevated, intriguing flavors, she is furthering her cause of protecting the ocean
Picture for Sara Bradley
The Chef at Freight House in Paducah, Ky. has got her guests hooked on Asian carp
Picture for Mo Lesperance
The Executive Chef at Jack O’Neill Restaurant & Lounge in Santa Cruz, Calif. serves a scallop dish paired with lentils, chanterelles, escarole and a caviar beurre blanc
Picture for Cindy Pawlcyn
The Owner and Executive Chef of Mustards Grill in Napa, Calif. is guided by simplicity and local sourcing in her seafood decisions
Picture for Virginia Willis
When it comes to seafood preparations, a go-to technique for the chef and cookbook author from Atlanta is slow roasting
Picture for Sarah Forman
The Culinary Manager and Co-Creator of Fiber Fourteen in Austin, Texas is inspired by the cuisines of Southeast Asia
Picture for Mary Sue Milliken
The Co-Chef and Owner of the Border Grill Family of Restaurants in Southern California is inspired by her travels in Bali and other places
Picture for Susan Feniger
The Co-Chef and Owner of the Border Grill Family of Restaurants in Southern California menus ceviches and a poke, as well as Veracruzana and fish tacos
Picture for Take to the Sea
Chefs showcase creative ways to highlight seafood
Picture for 5 Ways to Combat Seafood Fraud
Here are five steps to take to help keep seafood fraud out of your operation
Picture for Branzino
State-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture systems provide a clean, sustainable species
Picture for Maine Oysters
Oyster farmer Abigail Carroll and Chef David Siegal on Maine oysters
Picture for The Rising Tide of Seafood Menuing Raises All Boats
Chefs opting to serve more seafood helps fishing communities thrive, provides a place for fishermen and their families to live, and gives consumers better opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the industry’s labor
Picture for Telling the Fish Tale
Fishermen and fish farmers, share stories about the seafood they harvest from spots all around North America. Chefs share with us how they tell these tales of provenance to appeal to their diners—and spark their creativity.
Picture for Selling the Seafood Story
We’ve dedicated this issue of Seafood & The Menu to telling stories of seafood and the incredible men and women who fish and farm in North American waters
Picture for Alphabet Chowder Spelled Out
What do seafood certification acronyms really mean?
Picture for Maine Lobster
Fisherman Chris Welch and Jimmy Papadopoulos, Executive Chef at Bellemore, talk Maine lobster
Picture for Maryland Blue Crab
Fisherman Nick Crook and Zena Polin, co-owner of The Daily Dish, talk Maryland Blue Crab
Picture for Alaska Pollock
Fisherman Tim Thomas and Leo Varchetta, Chef/co-owner of Cinque Terre Ristorante, talk Alaska Pollock.
Picture for Cape Cod Skate
Fisherman Greg Connors and Chef Jake Eberle talk Cape Cod Skate
Picture for Gulf Red Snapper
Fisherman Kerry Hurst and Executive Chef Dylan Feenker talk Gulf Red Snapper
Picture for Baja Striped Bass
Fisherman Jesus Martinez and Andres Padilla, Chef de Cuisine, talk Baja striped bass
Picture for Sablefish
Fisherman Geoff Bettencourt and Chef/Seafood Advocate Barton Seaver talk sablefish.
Picture for Gulf Shrimp
Fisherman Lance Nacio and Chef/Co-owner of GW Fins Tenney Flynn talk Gulf shrimp
Picture for Alaska Salmon
Fisherman Nelly Hand and Paul Duncan, Executive Chef at Ray’s Boathouse, talk Alaska salmon
Picture for Raise Your AQ IQ
A list of aquaculture terms to help you and your staff to better understand the industry.
Picture for Sustainable Seafood Resources for Chefs
There is a wealth of online resources that can help guide chefs through the process of finding the sustainable seafood they want to serve. Here are a baker’s dozen - most of these look at sustainable seafood through a national or even international lens.
Picture for Flavor ROI: Going Upstream
At Modern Market - a fast casual based in Denver that serves farm-fresh, artisan food, including wholesome grain bowls, modern salads and toasted sandwiches - director of culinary operations Nate Weir talks about how he worked to source exactly the right salmon, then showcased it in a Curried Salmon Bowl LTO, before developing a Salmon Caesar Salad that quickly became the No. 2 seller in the overall menu mix.
Picture for Seafood Consumer Trends
Seafood represents a major opportunity to move menus into the future, according to Datassential. Here are highlights from its Foodbytes Seafood Keynote Report issued in late 2017.
Picture for Seafood for Thought
Putting more seafood on your menu will help your customers reach the dietary goal of eating seafood twice a week. Customers will feel good knowing that restaurants care about their well-being and offer healthy and delicious seafood as a key menu choice.
Picture for Here’s to Your Health: 8 Facts to Boost a Seafood Sale
Serving more seafood will help customers improve their overall quality of life. Here are 8 seafood nutrition facts curated by the Seafood Nutrition Partnership servers can use to seal the seafood sale.
Picture for Introduction to Seafood & the Menu
Cathy Holley welcomes you to this special issue, invites you to engage with us as a menu-development resource, diving further into the vast opportunities with seafood, and introduces you to Barton Seaver.
Picture for The Fillet of the Matter
Barton Seaver explains why his mission is to get more Americans eating more seafood more often across all demographics, and how this new Seafood & the Menu issue aims to help that mission.
Picture for Seafood FAQ
We asked two dozen chefs who serve an abundance of seafood to pinpoint the questions their customers most often ask their servers. Barton Seaver, chef, author and seafood evangelist, provides the optimal answers for a restaurant that has already defined its sustainable seafood policies.
Picture for 6 Seafood Myths Debunked
When dispelling myths about seafood, it’s crucial to acknowledge those slivers of truth in order to separate fact from fiction, and explore the nuanced answers to the tough questions about sourcing, preparing and serving wholesome, responsibly-sourced seafood
Picture for Port to Plate via Fresh Frozen
One of the best places chefs can now look to for the highest quality seafood ingredients is the very place we’ve shunned for so long: the freezer.
Picture for 5 Sauces that Span Seafood Options
Pristine seafood doesn’t necessarily require a sauce. But having one can help accentuate the personality of the fish or shellfish on the plate and add color and texture to the overall dish.
Picture for Farmed Whole Trout from Fish by José Andrés
Fish by José Andrés creates a summery Idaho farmed trout with a 'peachy' air, using heirloom tomatoes and peaches, then cooking in a charcoal oven for a crispy skin and smoky flavor.
Picture for Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl by Ocean Prime
At Ocean Prime the recently added Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl with avocado and Sriracha vinaigrette sells exceptionally well.
Picture for Chilean Sea Bass by Sunda New Asian
Sunda New Asian's best-selling seafood entrée is a Chilean sea bass dish that chef Mike Morales first made on a whim.
Picture for Branzino by Centrolina
Centrolina serves its branzino whole, head to tail, boneless so that it can be stuffed with lemons, rosemary and thyme.
Picture for Alaska Halibut from Cindy’s
At Cindy’s in Chicago guests often ask about the seafood's sustainability - keeping the restaurant searching for the best producers of sustainably raised seafood it can locate.
Picture for Rainbow Trout from Granville's
Granville, Los Angeles, features a rainbow trout with an amandine crust that uses pepitas and housemade preserved lemon, with grass-fed butter, giving it both familiarity and subtle unique touches.
Picture for Whole-roasted fish and Puerto Nuevo-Style Maine Lobster from Coasterra
At Coasterra two of the best-selling seafood entrées are head-to-tail options - a whole-roasted local fish of the day, and the Puerto Nuevo-Style Maine Lobster.
Picture for Ceviche Martini de Tigre from Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria
Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria's top-selling ceviche is the Ceviche Martini de Tigre, which he blends the traditional flavors of Peruvian ceviche with Southern California ingredients.
Picture for Scallops from Sur Lie
At Sur Lie, Portland, Maine the pan-seared scallops has developed an almost cult-like following. The scallops are sourced, processed and repacked meticulously to ensure this popularity is maintained.
Picture for Nashville Soft Shell Crab from The Salt Line
The Salt Line in Washington, D.C. creates a New England take on a Southern U.S. classic, utilizing Mid-Atlantic ingredients.
Picture for Fish Collar from Nico Osteria
Nico Osteria in Chicago uses a deeply flavored glaze on its collar, then finishes with a spice mix, and grills until crispy.
Picture for Mixed Seafood Stew from Prawn Coastal Casual
Prawn Coastal Casual in California centers on flavorful broths made in tilting steam kettles, creating a rich taste with complex flavors.
Picture for Pacific Halibut from Travelle Kitchen + Bar
When Pacific halibut is in season, Travelle Kitchen + Bar sells three times as much of it as the next best-selling seafood items on his menu.
Picture for Oysters from Publican Anker
Oysters are the best-selling seafood item at gastropub Publican Anker, served on the half shell with just a slice of lemon, or roasted, with yuzu butter.
Picture for Seafood Best Sellers: Halibut and Scallops
Tavernonna in Kansas City, Mo., has found success in selling both scallops and halibut by pairing them with produce brought in from local farms.
Picture for Shrimp and Grits from Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar
Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar, in Louisiana, takes jumbo Gulf shrimp and stuffs them with cream cheese and pickled jalapeños, wraps them in smoked bacon, char-grilled, serves them on sweet-corn grits and and tops them with a chile glaze.
Picture for Maine Scallops and Wild Alaska King Salmon from Fire & Vine Hospitality
The highlights of the menus at Aqua by El Gaucho in Seattle and The Lakehouse in Bellevue, Wash., are Maine scallops and wild Alaska king salmon, respectively.
Picture for Buffalo Ranch Octopus from Herringbone Waikiki
Buffalo Ranch Octopus is one of the top-selling menu items at Herringbone Waikiki, Honolulu, offering an unexpected take on how octopus is traditionally served.
Picture for Halibut from Oceana
At seafood-centric Oceana in Manhattan, mild fish like the top-selling halibut is prepared using more pronounced ingredients, varying with seasons.
Picture for New England Cod from Canoe
At farm-to-table Canoe in Atlanta, Matthew Basford keeps the flavors complementary with the strength of the fish flavors.