Picture for July/August 2019
Picture for Take to the Sea
Chefs showcase creative ways to highlight seafood
Picture for 5 Ways to Combat Seafood Fraud
Here are five steps to take to help keep seafood fraud out of your operation
Picture for The Arc of Non-alc: 10 Beverage Builders
Tap into the ongoing potential of the booze-free beverage
Picture for Branzino
State-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture systems provide a clean, sustainable species
Picture for Maine Oysters
Oyster farmer Abigail Carroll and Chef David Siegal on Maine oysters
Picture for 12 Ways with Dessert
Twelve pathways to on-trend, signature desserts
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: Alan Skversky
Alan Skversky is the corporate chef for San Francisco-based Boudin Bakery. We asked him to share a flavor trifecta that demonstrates creative, unexpected flavor play.
Picture for Deliver Me
How delivery helps restaurants manage customers’ brand experience
Picture for The Rising Tide of Seafood Menuing Raises All Boats
Chefs opting to serve more seafood helps fishing communities thrive, provides a place for fishermen and their families to live, and gives consumers better opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the industry’s labor
Picture for Signature Flavor: Going Green
This shareable dish of Middle Eastern Alaska Fish Cakes with Green Tahini Sauce captures the big opportunity in bringing together seafood, snackability and trending Eastern Med flavors
Picture for Wake Up to the World
Exploration of global flavors sparks breakfast creativity
Picture for Flavor ROI: Sea Island's Southern Inspired Menus
A case study in how Sea Island introduced new, global flavors to reach a younger clientele, and to appeal to global travelers.
Picture for Eastern Med Moves In
Exploring deeper into this region’s food culture serves up big opportunity
Picture for Hot Dogs and Sausages Linking Up
Hot dogs and sausages carry a winning combination of familiarity and street cred
Picture for Flavor Playlist: Elizabeth Falkner
Elizabeth Falkner is a renowned chef, author and television personality. She shares five flavors that inspire her culinary creativity.
Picture for Gen Z
A look at the demographic data reveals insights about what appeals to Gen Z.
Picture for Flavor Expedition 2019: Part 1
In 15 days that averaged 19 hours per day, Gerry Ludwig's team visited 116 new restaurants across the three cities, tasting 1,205 dishes along the way. This year’s greatest takeaway was the growing influence of global cuisines on mainstream menus.
Picture for Telling the Fish Tale
Fishermen and fish farmers, share stories about the seafood they harvest from spots all around North America. Chefs share with us how they tell these tales of provenance to appeal to their diners—and spark their creativity.
Picture for Sandwiching the globe
Handhelds wrap global flavors and craveability into a familiar format
Picture for Publisher's Page March-April 2019
Welcome to the March-April 2019 issue from Cathy Holley.
Picture for Selling the Seafood Story
We’ve dedicated this issue of Seafood & The Menu to telling stories of seafood and the incredible men and women who fish and farm in North American waters
Picture for Alphabet Chowder Spelled Out
What do seafood certification acronyms really mean?
Picture for Healthy Perspectives
Two salient takeaways from The Worlds of Healthy Flavors conference, and the implications they have for our industry.
Picture for Flavor Watch: Play That Toum
Toum, a Lebanese condiment made with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt, holds all the markings of a potential hit on U.S. menus
Picture for Maine Lobster
Fisherman Chris Welch and Jimmy Papadopoulos, Executive Chef at Bellemore, talk Maine lobster
Picture for Maryland Blue Crab
Fisherman Nick Crook and Zena Polin, co-owner of The Daily Dish, talk Maryland Blue Crab
Picture for Alaska Pollock
Fisherman Tim Thomas and Leo Varchetta, Chef/co-owner of Cinque Terre Ristorante, talk Alaska Pollock.
Picture for Cape Cod Skate
Fisherman Greg Connors and Chef Jake Eberle talk Cape Cod Skate
Picture for Gulf Red Snapper
Fisherman Kerry Hurst and Executive Chef Dylan Feenker talk Gulf Red Snapper
Picture for Baja Striped Bass
Fisherman Jesus Martinez and Andres Padilla, Chef de Cuisine, talk Baja striped bass
Picture for The Marvelous Melt
Hot, stretchy, gooey cheese guarantees craveability
Picture for Sablefish
Fisherman Geoff Bettencourt and Chef/Seafood Advocate Barton Seaver talk sablefish.
Picture for Gulf Shrimp
Fisherman Lance Nacio and Chef/Co-owner of GW Fins Tenney Flynn talk Gulf shrimp
Picture for Fired Up Pizza: 10 Flavor Builders
Pizza offers a safe point of entry with mainstream appeal—yet it’s positioned to step outside of traditional parameters. Here are 10 modern approaches that can propel pizza innovation.
Picture for Alaska Salmon
Fisherman Nelly Hand and Paul Duncan, Executive Chef at Ray’s Boathouse, talk Alaska salmon
Picture for The Big Bing Theory
This savory, crispy Chinese crêpe holds potential to be the next big handheld on American menus.
Picture for Eggs Break Out
Thanks to serious creativity, the everyday egg is moving into a high-impact category.
Picture for Indulgent Vegan
Vegan fare is moving from functional to decadent, enticing a wider range of consumers.
Picture for Flatbread's Rise
The boom in Eastern Med and communal dining brings flatbreads to the table.
Picture for XO Marks The Spot
This Cantonese condiment packs an umami wallop. One of our top 10 flavor trends for 2019.
Picture for French Evolution
New restaurants are popping up, celebrated for their creative approach that combines French technique with American ingenuity. Less about bold mash-up and more about sublime interpretation, the modern French trend opens up a new world.
Picture for Rice Reimagined
Fueled by a number of significant drivers, chefs are taking rice to the next level
Picture for Snap Crackle and Pop
Modern pearls, dusts, powders and crystals introduce captivating texture
Picture for Play Dough
Thrilling new variations bring classic, flaky pastries into modern menu development
Picture for Functional Sipping
Both nonalcoholic and boozy beverages are getting a winning dose of wellness-promoting ingredients
Picture for Flavor & the Menu's Top 10 Trends for 2019
An introduction to our special Trends edition from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Cathy Nash Holley
Picture for Trends 2019 Case Study
This Levantine flatbread demonstrates the richness of opportunity
Picture for Top 10 Trends 2019 Panel of Experts
The chefs, food & beverage experts and industry analysts who provided insights for this special issue
Picture for On The Horizon - 2019 and Beyond
Looking beyond 2019, what flavors, ingredients and movements are at the edge of the trend cycle?
Picture for Bing Trend Insights
Insights into the jianbing trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Bing Bling
The bing is a reminder to develop memorable handhelds that are popping with layered flavor, varying and distinct textures and solid value
Picture for The Topper with Texture
Egg toppers increase the flavor, variety and perceived value of dishes, and the yolk provides an additional “sauce”
Picture for Egg Trend Insights
Insights into the egg trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Veganism Rising
Competition is intensifying fast in the vegan space - we look at why
Picture for Vegan Trend Insights
Insights into the vegan trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Pick Your Palette
Flatbreads offer huge versatility—find your “native” flatbread and top it with your ingredients from the season
Picture for Flatbread Trend Insights
Insights from our team of experts
Picture for XO Sauce Trend Insights
Insights from our team of experts
Picture for Culinary Rediscovery
The opportunity here is to focus on local/regional French cuisine as a source of inspiration
Picture for French Cuisine Insights
Insights into the French cuisine trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Perfect Porridge
Porridge + Puffs in Los Angeles creates explosively flavorful porridge bowls that feature elaborate layers of ingredients
Picture for Rice Trend Insights
Insights into the rice trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Play Around With Textures
Ideas for textual enhancements to update existing menu items.
Picture for Texture Trend Insights
Insights into the texture trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Pastry Trend Insights
Insights into the texture trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Switch It Up
Bring a healthy halo to your cocktails and non-alc drinks
Picture for Functional Beverages Trend Insights
Insights into the texture trend from our panel of experts
Picture for The Flavors of Mise
The recent Mise Conference presented valuable and relevant content and showcased a number of creative and memorable food and beverage items that translate to on-trend opportunities. Here are four flavor-forward takeaways from the event.
Picture for Talking Mac
Mac and cheese serves up a great platform for innovation. More sides and shareables, cast-iron serving pans, bite-sized balls, unique add-ins, and longer noodles are also becoming the norm among trend-forward menus. Doing something different—and doing it well—is key to transforming mac and cheese from a stalwart side into a buzz-worthy bite.
Picture for Raise Your AQ IQ
A list of aquaculture terms to help you and your staff to better understand the industry.
Picture for Sustainable Seafood Resources for Chefs
There is a wealth of online resources that can help guide chefs through the process of finding the sustainable seafood they want to serve. Here are a baker’s dozen - most of these look at sustainable seafood through a national or even international lens.
Picture for Cereal Drama
Milk Bar in New York started the cereal milk craze a few years back. Now, operators are maximizing the emotional tie most diners have to cereal, then upping the game by featuring both the cereal milk and cereal in pancakes, cocktails, desserts and more.
Picture for Snack Time
Today, the snacking category is huge, and the bar bite category continues to deliver a world of flavor-forward, fun choices. Candied bacon, meatballs, tots, veg-centric dishes like Crispy Squash Blossoms are all on the menu.
Picture for 10 Flavor Builders: Up in Smoke
Smoke’s distinctive air is wafting into new categories, including cocktails, fruit, vegetables and honey. Here are 10 trend-forward ideas for featuring creative smoked options on your menu.
Picture for Lent's Momentum
What better springboard for seafood innovation than Lent? Seafood consumption up, and there’s a general uptick in excitement around seafood. The pathway to success follows two strategies that walk hand-in-hand today: flavor and sustainability.
Picture for Flavor Playlist: Estevan Jimenez
Estevan Jimenez is the executive chef and culinary instructor at Rancho Cielo Youth Campus in Salinas, Calif. He shares five flavors that inspire his culinary creativity.
Picture for Instagram Moments
Instagrammability is becoming part of menu strategy today, particularly when trying to woo younger consumers. It’s not enough to make plate presentation appetizing. Gorgeous colors, interactivity, unexpected flourishes, tableside drama—all make the dining consumer click and share. Here are 12 ways to shine on Instagram, garnering that social-media love.
Picture for Signature Flavor: Shawarma Show
Combined with the functional benefits of the traditional spices—turmeric, clove, fenugreek and cinnamon—this potato-based take on the shawarma can boast better-for-you benefits—as well as showstopping creativity
Picture for Hooked on Classics
Mixologists continue to introduce innovative new cocktails, but the classics never go out of style. These drinks are standbys for a reason: well balanced, broadly appealing, reliably satisfying, nicely nostalgic. They’re enjoying a refresh as operators look to create new experiences with familiar favorites
Picture for Flavor ROI: Going Upstream
At Modern Market - a fast casual based in Denver that serves farm-fresh, artisan food, including wholesome grain bowls, modern salads and toasted sandwiches - director of culinary operations Nate Weir talks about how he worked to source exactly the right salmon, then showcased it in a Curried Salmon Bowl LTO, before developing a Salmon Caesar Salad that quickly became the No. 2 seller in the overall menu mix.
Picture for Breakfast Breakouts
There are really no limits to flavor play in the breakfast space. We bring you inspiration. Salmon tacos. Avocado chicharrones. Adjarian Khachapuri - a flatbread from Georgia. A Roasted Pear, Spinach and Gorgonzola Omelette. And much much more.
Picture for Flavor Find: World Bites
There’s a precision to the global mash-up at Nahita in Boston, where the pantry pulls strategically from Peru, Japan, Mexico and Turkey, staying true to authentic ingredients while combining them in new and intriguing ways.
Picture for Awesome Sauce
Sauces are the silver bullet, armed with craveability, uniqueness and, of course, flavor. Their role in plate composition isn’t new, but the opportunity today sees chefs leveraging the culinary might of sauces and wielding it in unique and memorable ways—all with the strategy of building a flavor impact that knocks their guests' socks off
Picture for Publishers Page November-December 2018
Welcome to the November/December 2018 issue from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Cathy Nash Holley
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: Aron Habiger
Aron Habiger is chef/owner of On the Lam, a traveling pop-up culinary concept based in Santa Ana, Calif. We asked him to share a flavor trifecta that demonstrates creative, unexpected flavor play.
Picture for Flavor Find: Compressed Watermelon
Modern applications of compressed watermelon featured at two Oakland, Calif., restaurants
Picture for Fish Inspiration from Portugal
How Barton Seaver draws inspiration from Portugal when building his fish menu offerings.
Picture for Savory Rice Waffles
These Savory Rice Waffles are an innovative, gluten-free offering that appeals to a wide range of diners. Eggs are whisked together with cooked U.S. long-grain rice, savory turkey sausage, spinach, cheddar, cremini mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. The mixture is seared in a waffle iron to a crispy golden brown and served with a maple-sambal sauce.
Picture for Roasted Pear, Spinach & Gorgonzola Omelet
This Roasted Pear, Spinach and Gorgonzola Omelette is a sweet-savory take on the classic, boasting elegant flavors. “Gorgonzola can be overpowering, but the sweetness of the roasted pear softens its bite, and the flavors marry well together,” says Kathy Stephenson, director of marketing communications for Pear Bureau Northwest. “It’s a unique and unexpected combination in an omelette.”
Picture for Cocktail Round-up
To identify what is being done to drive appeal and sales of cocktails at trend-forward concepts, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits set out on its second-annual fact-finding tour. The standout discovery this year is the creative and sophisticated use of high-impact ingredients that introduce unique profiles to classic cocktails. Based on our research, here are four key opportunities in the cocktail category.
Picture for Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl
This vibrant Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl is a blend of blueberries, Greek yogurt, banana, almond milk and honey. Topped with banana, peaches, granola, chia seeds, almonds and toasted coconut, this complete breakfast features a rich variation of textures.
Picture for Fresh Mango & Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash
Sensory appeal and a health-minded approach characterize this flavorful and unexpected Fresh Mango & Sweet Potato Hash. Onions, sweet potatoes and mango are sautéed with pancetta, brown sugar and red pepper flakes to create a trend-forward, colorful hash, topped with a fried egg.
Picture for Loaded Hash Brown Packets
Idaho hash brown potatoes form a crisp, crunchy packet for tomatoes, corn and queso fresco. A fried egg and dollop of chimichurri complete the dish. This summery mix can morph into heartier combinations, such as grilled steak, pepper, onions and provolone.
Picture for Avocado Chicharrones with Steak & Eggs
Hearty and satiating, they can be used as a base for chicharrones con huevos or topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, black beans, Oaxacan cheese, juicy skirt steak and a fried egg for a loaded nacho-style steak and eggs. Easily rendered gluten-free and inherently keto-friendly, these Avocado Chicharrones have great potential, from breakfast menus to late-night shareables.
Picture for Adjarian Khachapuri
Adjarian Khachapuri, a regional specialty from the country of Georgia, consists of the classic cheesy flatbread stuffed, brushed or, in this case, topped with an egg. The uniquely shaped, tapered bread provides a rainbow of textures—crispy brown tips, layers of folded dough/cheese, and the open center with salty cheese and a luscious egg yolk.
Picture for Wild Alaska Salmon and Egg Breakfast Tacos
Warm tortillas, baked salmon and soft-scrambled eggs join forces. Rubbed with chile powder and topped with lemon slices before baking, this wild Alaska salmon fillet brings a warm flavor profile to the dish that complements the eggs perfectly.
Picture for Flavor ROI: Down to Earth
In this case study of King + Duke’s foray into veg-forward flavors, Chef E.J. Hodgkinson centers his menu around the red-hot veg-centric trend. For starters, he developed a comforting Hearth Baked Lasagna combining ground beef and mushrooms in a way that delivers on the flavor promise.
Picture for Cheese to Please
Chefs across the country are taking something inherently craveable and familiar — cheese — and relying on it to elevate a menu item. Infinitely adaptable and universally loved, cheese offers a sound strategy in modern menu development. Here’s what’s hitting creative menus today.
Picture for Seafood Consumer Trends
Seafood represents a major opportunity to move menus into the future, according to Datassential. Here are highlights from its Foodbytes Seafood Keynote Report issued in late 2017.
Picture for On-trend: Tacos 3.0
With tacos, anything goes today. We’re seeing seriously inventive takes on classic proteins, while on the plant-based side, chefs are moving well beyond the perfunctory veggie taco.
Picture for Deep Impact
Flavor has always been an imperative on menus, but today the expectations are higher than ever. Chefs are outdoing themselves, raising the bar with creative flavor combinations. Access to the global pantry, along with a joyful experimentation in mash-ups, is raising expectations while making flavor possibilities endless. Here are some menu builds that showcase creative components that pack a significant flavor punch.
Picture for White Wonderland
Chefs are rediscovering the beauty of white bread—how it offers structure but surrenders to textural elements, like fried chicken, tonkatsu and fried bologna. We bring you 5 modern takes on white bread sandwiches.
Picture for Seafood for Thought
Putting more seafood on your menu will help your customers reach the dietary goal of eating seafood twice a week. Customers will feel good knowing that restaurants care about their well-being and offer healthy and delicious seafood as a key menu choice.
Picture for Here’s to Your Health: 8 Facts to Boost a Seafood Sale
Serving more seafood will help customers improve their overall quality of life. Here are 8 seafood nutrition facts curated by the Seafood Nutrition Partnership servers can use to seal the seafood sale.
Picture for All The Buzz
Together, coffee and tea carry a lot of good menu juju. The cocktail world is plugging in, rewiring some of that buzz into boozy beverage development.
Picture for 10 Flavor Builders: Meaty Matters
Meat remains center stage, but flavor innovation can really drive menu differentiation. We cover the what, where and why for innovating with meat.
Picture for Planting 12 Ideas
The veg-centric movement built the road that led to a world of stunning innovation in vegetable cookery. Here are 12 ways into the trend, all serving up creativity and craveability with every delicious forkful.
Picture for Signature Flavor: Sundae Shift
Exploring the versatility of the avocado, this Sweet Avocado Surrender Sundae stars avocado-mango ice cream, Mexican hot chocolate sauce and chocolate-chipotle avocado doughnut holes.
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: Timothy Griffin
Timothy Griffin is the director of culinary innovation at Kona Grill, an upscale casual grill based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We asked him to share a flavor trifecta that demonstrates creative, unexpected flavor play.
Picture for Ramen Phenomenon
Ramen is on the rise, with ramen menu mentions up 46 percent over the last four years. We bring you ways to play with ramen textures, ramen-inspired cocktails, Ramyun, and global ramen mash-ups to inspire.
Picture for The Next Generation
What does Gen Z represent for restaurant brands, and how are operators strategizing? We took a snapshot to help better understand these younger dining consumers, coloring in the profile of Gen Z while also outlining a few concepts’ savvy approach in making them loyal customers.
Picture for Introduction to Seafood & the Menu
Cathy Holley welcomes you to this special issue, invites you to engage with us as a menu-development resource, diving further into the vast opportunities with seafood, and introduces you to Barton Seaver.
Picture for The Fillet of the Matter
Barton Seaver explains why his mission is to get more Americans eating more seafood more often across all demographics, and how this new Seafood & the Menu issue aims to help that mission.
Picture for Seafood FAQ
We asked two dozen chefs who serve an abundance of seafood to pinpoint the questions their customers most often ask their servers. Barton Seaver, chef, author and seafood evangelist, provides the optimal answers for a restaurant that has already defined its sustainable seafood policies.
Picture for 6 Seafood Myths Debunked
When dispelling myths about seafood, it’s crucial to acknowledge those slivers of truth in order to separate fact from fiction, and explore the nuanced answers to the tough questions about sourcing, preparing and serving wholesome, responsibly-sourced seafood
Picture for Port to Plate via Fresh Frozen
One of the best places chefs can now look to for the highest quality seafood ingredients is the very place we’ve shunned for so long: the freezer.
Picture for 5 Sauces that Span Seafood Options
Pristine seafood doesn’t necessarily require a sauce. But having one can help accentuate the personality of the fish or shellfish on the plate and add color and texture to the overall dish.
Picture for Farmed Whole Trout from Fish by José Andrés
Fish by José Andrés creates a summery Idaho farmed trout with a 'peachy' air, using heirloom tomatoes and peaches, then cooking in a charcoal oven for a crispy skin and smoky flavor.
Picture for Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl by Ocean Prime
At Ocean Prime the recently added Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl with avocado and Sriracha vinaigrette sells exceptionally well.
Picture for Chilean Sea Bass by Sunda New Asian
Sunda New Asian's best-selling seafood entrée is a Chilean sea bass dish that chef Mike Morales first made on a whim.
Picture for Branzino by Centrolina
Centrolina serves its branzino whole, head to tail, boneless so that it can be stuffed with lemons, rosemary and thyme.
Picture for Alaska Halibut from Cindy’s
At Cindy’s in Chicago guests often ask about the seafood's sustainability - keeping the restaurant searching for the best producers of sustainably raised seafood it can locate.
Picture for Rainbow Trout from Granville's
Granville, Los Angeles, features a rainbow trout with an amandine crust that uses pepitas and housemade preserved lemon, with grass-fed butter, giving it both familiarity and subtle unique touches.
Picture for Whole-roasted fish and Puerto Nuevo-Style Maine Lobster from Coasterra
At Coasterra two of the best-selling seafood entrées are head-to-tail options - a whole-roasted local fish of the day, and the Puerto Nuevo-Style Maine Lobster.
Picture for Ceviche Martini de Tigre from Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria
Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria's top-selling ceviche is the Ceviche Martini de Tigre, which he blends the traditional flavors of Peruvian ceviche with Southern California ingredients.
Picture for Scallops from Sur Lie
At Sur Lie, Portland, Maine the pan-seared scallops has developed an almost cult-like following. The scallops are sourced, processed and repacked meticulously to ensure this popularity is maintained.
Picture for Nashville Soft Shell Crab from The Salt Line
The Salt Line in Washington, D.C. creates a New England take on a Southern U.S. classic, utilizing Mid-Atlantic ingredients.
Picture for Fish Collar from Nico Osteria
Nico Osteria in Chicago uses a deeply flavored glaze on its collar, then finishes with a spice mix, and grills until crispy.
Picture for Mixed Seafood Stew from Prawn Coastal Casual
Prawn Coastal Casual in California centers on flavorful broths made in tilting steam kettles, creating a rich taste with complex flavors.
Picture for Pacific Halibut from Travelle Kitchen + Bar
When Pacific halibut is in season, Travelle Kitchen + Bar sells three times as much of it as the next best-selling seafood items on his menu.
Picture for Oysters from Publican Anker
Oysters are the best-selling seafood item at gastropub Publican Anker, served on the half shell with just a slice of lemon, or roasted, with yuzu butter.
Picture for Seafood Best Sellers: Halibut and Scallops
Tavernonna in Kansas City, Mo., has found success in selling both scallops and halibut by pairing them with produce brought in from local farms.
Picture for Shrimp and Grits from Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar
Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar, in Louisiana, takes jumbo Gulf shrimp and stuffs them with cream cheese and pickled jalapeños, wraps them in smoked bacon, char-grilled, serves them on sweet-corn grits and and tops them with a chile glaze.
Picture for Maine Scallops and Wild Alaska King Salmon from Fire & Vine Hospitality
The highlights of the menus at Aqua by El Gaucho in Seattle and The Lakehouse in Bellevue, Wash., are Maine scallops and wild Alaska king salmon, respectively.
Picture for Buffalo Ranch Octopus from Herringbone Waikiki
Buffalo Ranch Octopus is one of the top-selling menu items at Herringbone Waikiki, Honolulu, offering an unexpected take on how octopus is traditionally served.
Picture for Halibut from Oceana
At seafood-centric Oceana in Manhattan, mild fish like the top-selling halibut is prepared using more pronounced ingredients, varying with seasons.
Picture for 2018 Trends Tour - Part 2
Gerry Ludwig and his team visited 113 restaurants and tasted 1,107 dishes on their annual street-level trends tour, finding actionable insights that can translate onto today's menus. Here's part two in our series, delivering even more on-trend takeaways.
Picture for 10 Beverage Builders: Nonalcoholic Revolution
Nonalcoholic beverages offer limitless opportunities for innovation. The question is how to select the right mix that best fits the concept and patrons. Here are 10 areas around which to innovate.
Picture for Clever and Creative Menu Finds from the Trends Tour
While researching the Trends Tour of 2018 part 2, a few dishes stood out - the frico taco, onion dip, and the breakthrough of Sea Buckthorn.
Picture for Flavor Find: Grilled Cheese
At San Francisco’s Bluestem Brasserie, the Grilled Cheese and Honey is the ultimate comfort food.
Picture for Publisher's Page September-October 2018
Welcome to the September-October 2018 issue from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Cathy Nash Holley
Picture for Flavor Playlist: Jonathan Rohland
Jonathan Rohland is the culinary director of Bartaco, a “beach-culture inspired” restaurant brand based in Norwalk, Conn., with 15 locations mostly on the East Coast. He shares five flavors that inspire his culinary creativity.
Picture for 2018: The Flavor Experience
The trends, flavors, people, insights, examples, samples, data, tools, ideations, options, opportunities, deep-dives, panels, takeaways and inspirations at this year's Flavor Experience show.
Picture for New England Cod from Canoe
At farm-to-table Canoe in Atlanta, Matthew Basford keeps the flavors complementary with the strength of the fish flavors.
Picture for Building Crave With Sauces
Haliburton provides a pathway into plant-forward success through the use of scratch-made sauces.
Picture for 10 Ways To Put On The Spritz
Internationally, operators are taking the standard formula for a spritz and adding their unique personality and creativity to this popular, hot-weather-friendly beverage
Picture for You Say
Chefs today are stretching the potato's capability, bending it to glide seamlessly into modern snacks, sides and shareables while counting on its steady stance as one of America’s favorite comfort foods
Picture for On-trend: Plant-based Purées
The opportunity with plant-based purées keeps pushing further into menu development, energized by a number of factors, from the hummus boom and veg-centric innovation to chefs looking to add complexity to textural combinations.
Picture for 10 Veg-Forward Upgrades
No longer the also-ran to protein’s starring role, vegetables are the driver for some of the most exciting innovation happening in foodservice today.
Picture for Pasta's Next Move
Chefs are looking at pasta as a platform for creative menu development. Here are five emerging opportunities that help position pasta as trend-forward, while never losing its inherent charm and likability.
Picture for Flavor Playlist: Luca Brunelle
Luca Brunelle, executive chef for The Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Springs, shares his five flavors that inspire culinary creativity.
Picture for 12 Ways to Mix Up Salads
12 inroads into signature salads, all offering opportunity to create a memorable, come-back-again flavor experience.
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: John State
John State, culinary director at Disneyland Resort, shares the trifecta of flavors that inspires him.

Picture for Hooked on Fried
Unique breadings, global sauces, inventive formats and sustainable sourcing paint a picture of the elevated fried seafood landscape of the future.
Picture for Flavors on the Edge
Gerry Ludwig calls out three leading-edge ingredients, showcased at the CIA’s Worlds of Flavor conference.
Picture for Flavor ROI: Winning With Hash
The first of our new series: Flavor R.O.I. A case study of First Watch’s successful innovation platform - in which the daytime café is hitching on-trend flavors to the beloved potato-centric dish.
Picture for Flavor Makers
Chefs know that the secret is in the sauce. Or the dip. Or the spread. It’s those condiments that carry big flavor, impacting all of the senses in significant—and hopefully memorable—ways. Creativity is key, offering big flavor in unexpected, but enticing combinations.
Picture for Cold Calling
It’s all happening in the world of smoothies and shakes. Health-conscious moothies and bowls. Crazy freakshakes - the bolder, the better. Cold-brew shakes and cold-pressed lemonade smoothies. And nutrient-dense smoothies filled with flavor detail.
Picture for Publisher's Page July-August 2018
Welcome to the July-August 2018 issue from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Cathy Nash Holley
Picture for Signature Flavor: Like Butter
This Grass-Fed Aussie Beef Sous Vide in Grass-Fed Butter is a prime example of a modern entrée that pays serious attention to both flavor detail and integrity of product.
Picture for On-trend - Plant-based Purees
Plant-based purées are pushing further into menus, energized by a number of factors, from the hummus boom and veg-centric innovation to chefs looking to add complexity to textural combinations
Picture for Ciao Italia!
See the winners of this year's trip to Italy, and enter to win a trip next year
Picture for Eyeing The Future
The twentieth Worlds of Flavor Conference provided the opportunity to reflect on the exciting changes and innovation that have moved foodservice forward over the past two decades, and contemplate the changes to come. As global cuisines continue to exert their influence on American menus, whether highly authentic or playfully mashed-up, that world becomes just a bit smaller with each passing year.
Picture for 'Cue Up Flavor
Barbecue today invites experimentation—melding Korean with Texan, Carolina with California. It also encourages a push outside of traditional barbecue formats, moving into bar bites and shareables, and adapting flavor systems that don’t typically see a play in barbecue.
Picture for Using Unique Ingredients to Elevate the Cocktail Experience
Why you should consider uncommon beverage ingredients when designing new beverages or bar menus in the coming months and seasons.
Picture for 8 Menu Trends That Prove the Power of Pickling
When it comes to high-impact ingredients, a pickled element should be a go-to
Picture for 12 Ways with Seafood
12 seafood categories where opportunities abound, helping answer the call for new and exciting while satisfying a desire for wholesome protein choices
Picture for Bacon, Maine Lobster and Tomato Sliders
These Maine Lobster sliders combine mayonnaise with more unexpected spices and garnishes like bacon, fennel and Sriracha.
Picture for 10 Next-level Beverage Ingredients
10 beverage ingredients and flavors that are stirring up serious menu interest
Picture for River & Woods Redefines Avocado Sushi with Fresh AFM
Watch Chef Daniel Asher of River & Woods craft an innovative twist on the classic caprese sandwich.
Picture for Flavor Find: Mole's Magic
The array of moles, served on a wooden platter with rice, demonstrates the menu potential of this craveable sauce.
Picture for Publisher's Page Mar-Apr 2018
Welcome to the March-April 2018 issue from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Cathy Nash Holley
Picture for 2018 Trends Tour - part 1
Gerry Ludwig and his culinary team’s annual street-level trends tour visits 113 restaurants and tastes 1107 dishes to bring you actionable insights into current food trends
Picture for Baked Egg Dishes
Baked egg dishes are an easy menu addition and allow for endless creativity using existing inventory items
Picture for Add a Crunchy Accompaniment
Considerations when using hash browns and rösti to add value to dishes
Picture for The Main Event
How is innovation in other parts of the menu affecting modern entrée development? How are shifting consumer demands impacting the evolution of what an entrée looks like?
Picture for Three Menu Standouts
Frico and French onion dip are among some of the menu standouts from Chef Gerry Ludwig’s 2018 trends tour. See how they’re creating buzz on menus.
Picture for The World of Breakfast
The shifting definition of what counts as breakfast food now embraces flavors from around the globe
Picture for Pizza Pizazz
Creative ingredient play, unexpected flavor combinations and brand compatibility all mark the modern pizza trend
Picture for For the Love of Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken can deliver fantastic results that build revenue, buzz and return visits.
Picture for Salad Spinners
Inspirations for salad builds with a modern flavor narrative
Picture for Nonalcoholic Refresh
Insight into five key areas for nonalcoholic menu development: soda, lemonade, coffee drinks, tea and fermented beverages
Picture for 5 Starter Strategies for Beverage Programs
Tips for starting and enriching your non-alc beverage program
Picture for Trending Flavors in Non-Alc Beverages
On-trend flavors in soda, lemonade and tea in 2018, according to Datassential
Picture for Room for Dessert
Infusing a brand’s personality into dessert offerings marks a sweet opportunity today
Picture for 10 Butter Upgrades
Leverage butter’s magical ability to enrich and lengthen flavor experience while carrying trending flavors flawlessly
Picture for Flavored Butter Applications
The potential flavor combinations and ingredients that work in compound butters are virtually endless
Picture for Signature Flavor: On the Fry
This dish demonstrates how chefs can apply a tremendous amount of creativity to fries through brines, glazes or infusions
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: Andy Little
Andy Little of Josephine in Nashville talks about his flavor trifecta
Picture for Flavor Playlist: Will Eudy
Will Eudy shares his go-to ingredients that help build a great flavor story
Picture for Sweet Indian Mash-ups
In Indian mash-ups, subtle moves show up as a gentle touch, an easing in of flavor. The result is significant, offering delicious flavor discovery
Picture for Indian Infusions
Introduce the exotic flavors of India into your beverages
Picture for Fried Chicken: 4 Ways to Win
4 ways to make your fried chicken dishes truly your own - using your story, flavor building, careful choice and use of oil, and choosing the right cut
Picture for Seacuterie Rising
Fish spreads, smoked mussels and their ilk are becoming the new hip and cool bar bites. Seafood has become shareable, thanks to intriguing culinary technique and appealing presentation.
Picture for Hummus and Beyond
With so much momentum behind hummus innovation, a new opportunity has taken shape, where chefs are looking beyond traditional hummus and exploring the menu potential of other plant-based purées.
Picture for Passage to India
Indian food is catching fire this year. Approachability is everything. With diners game for the next flavor frontier, Indian mash-ups are poised to offer a differentiating thrill.
Picture for Eastern Mediterranean Meats
Flavor-rich döner and shawarma are ripe for mainstream menu development. Their built-in craveability, coupled with an ease of translation into creative interpretations, make them a good bet for successful menu development.
Picture for All About Texture
Creative brittles, crumbles, crispy bits and popped grains are upgrading the dining experience. Chefs are taking textural play to the next level - and having fun.
Picture for Yogurt's High Heat
In today’s foodservice landscape, unique flavor-building is key to menu differentiation and brand loyalty. Spicy yogurt helps tell a compelling flavor story that draws guests in with the guarantee of a creamy mouthfeel and the promise of adventure.
Picture for Taco Revolution
Today's tacos take inspiration from all cuisines including Latin, Southeast Asian, Indian, Mediterranean. There's a huge opportunity in global taco mash-ups with a casual, social vibe.
Picture for Sorghum Soars
Sorghum’s flour answers the demand for both gluten-free and whole-grain. Sorghum syrup offers a mild, sweet, distinctive flavor. And popped sorghum makes a perfect whimsical crunchy topper.
Picture for Falafel Up Front
Falafel is a plant-based superstar, with craveable texture, customizable flavor and endless versatility. It’s cheap and delicious, and chefs can create signature versions to keep customers interested and satisfied.
Picture for Cocktails at Play
Fun cocktails offer escape, entertainment, and shareability. Use your cocktail menu to push limits and thrill with new flavor combinations.
Picture for Top 10 Trends 2018 Panel of Experts
The chefs, food & beverage experts and industry analysts who provided insights for this special Top 10 Trends 2018 issue
Picture for Trends 2018 Case Study
This Ras el Hanout Hummus Bowl with Sockeye Salmon showcases some of today’s biggest trends
Picture for On The Horizon - 2018 and Beyond
Looking beyond 2018, what flavors, ingredients and movements are at the edge of the trend cycle?
Picture for Coming in for Cold Brew
Cold brew coffee offers on-trend beverage builds
Picture for On-Trend Brunch Cocktails
Coffee and cereal milk: tapping into morning cravings for on-trend brunch cocktails.
Picture for Going Beyond the Drink for a Fun Cocktail Experience
4 areas to explore to create a memorable, whimsical cocktail experience for your guests.
Picture for The Greek Gyro Gets Sexy
Chefs are dialing up the delivery, updating this delicious classic and twisting it into new formats
Picture for Cross-Utilization Ideas for Eastern Med Meats
Menu ideas that borrow from the rotating spit concept but vary the protein and flavors
Picture for Build Craveability in Eastern Med Sandwiches
The layers of flavor that build craveability in Eastern Med sandwiches
Picture for Four Creative Twists on the Traditional
Move the falafel into a mini-burger format with a simple shift in shape.
Picture for Indian-inspired Cocktail Ideas
Indian flavors are moving into the beverage realm, adding their bold flavors
Picture for Mash-up Menu Hits
Indian cuisine mash-ups are an ingenious way to introduce bold, unfamiliar flavors in approachable, loved formats.
Picture for Demystifying Masala and other Indian Ingredients
Some of the most prominent Indian pantry items that are ripe for the picking.
Picture for Crisp and Creamy Falafel Accompaniments
On-trend ingredients that help build a craveable falafel dish.
Picture for The Taco Evolution Through Trends
4 trends that adapt well in taco format creating portable, powerful flavor
Picture for Sorghum on the Menu Across All Dayparts
The opportunities to leverage the sorghum trend across all dayparts are endless
Picture for The New Phenomenon of Dessert Tacos
Chefs are now moving tacos to the sweet side of the menu
Picture for 10 Beloved Flavor Systems Finding A Creative Fit In Tacos
10 proven flavor combinations that hit that sweet spot of craveability and familiarity presented in taco format
Picture for Recipe: Beer Braised German Bratwurst With Onions
Recipe for Browned Bratwurst and sliced onions simmered in dark beer with garlic and thyme served in a warm Mission® 6″ Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla
Picture for 7 Yogurt Add-Ins
Try these add-ins to keep this condiment on the cutting edge.
Picture for 10 Modern Menu Applications for Yogurt
Ideas and inspiration for how to use yogurt creatively in your menus.
Picture for Flavors of the Eastern Med and India
Greek yogurt helps foodservice operators leverage the assertive flavors of India and the Eastern Mediterranean.
Picture for 3 Modern Cocktail Rims
Dust beverage rims with sugar crystals and spices to add textural delight
Picture for 10 Go-Tos for Crunch
Use texture to surprise and delight consumers with unexpected, flavor-enhancing experiences
Picture for Falafel In The Spotlight
A number of drivers are pushing falafel into the spotlight: the fascination with Eastern Mediterranean flavors, the rise in plant-forward cuisine and the chickpea boom.
Picture for Sipping Sorghum: Sorghum in Drinks
Sorghum’s role in beverages is on the rise, with its versatility ranging from sweetener to spirit
Picture for Texture Intel
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.
Picture for 4 Opportunities with Plant-Based Purées as Modern Sauces
Plant-based purées are a smart way to exploit this area of growth.
Picture for Hummus Versatility with Bush’s
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.
Picture for Plant-based Purées Deliver Vegan and Vegetarian Options
Plant-based purées are a smart way to exploit this area of growth.
Picture for Publisher's Page Top 10 Trends 2018
Welcome to the January-February 2018 Top 10 Trends issue from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Cathy Nash Holley
Picture for 4 Steps to Sustainable Seacuterie
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.
Picture for Seacuterie Insights
Sorghum is finally going national. Here are five ways to feature it on your menu.
Picture for 10 Best Bets for a Seacuterie Menu
10 ways to key into this exciting and appealing seafood offerings trend
Picture for Plant-based Purée Plating Inspiration
Plating with a plant-based and flavorful purée is an artful way to add more produce to the plate without mounding up grains and vegetables, and is a way to add interesting texture, vibrant color and layers upon layers of flavor.
Picture for Plant-based Purées Insights
Insights into the plant-based purées trend from our panel of experts
Picture for 8 Ways to Indian Inspiration
Take an Indian national dish, major flavor or technique as inspiration, and craft that into a new form or flavor that works on your menu and with your consumer target.
Picture for Indian Mash-ups Insights
Insights into the Indian mash-ups trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Eastern Med Meats Trend Insights
Insights into the Eastern Mediterranean meats trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Textures Trend Insights
Insights into the trend of interesting textures, from our panel of experts
Picture for Boost Brunch with Spicy Yogurt
Spicy yogurt brings a cool kick to the brunch menu. Here are four easy ways with chilaquiles, hash browns, yogurt bowls and pancakes.
Picture for Spicy Yogurt Insights
Insights into the spicy yogurt trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Taco 2.0 Trend Insights
Insights into the tacos 2.0 trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Sorghum Trend Insights
Insights into the Sorghum trend from our panel of experts
Picture for 5 Ideas for Sorghum
Sorghum is finally going national. Here are five ways to feature it on your menu.
Picture for New-fashioned Falafel
Traditional falafel dishes are evolving - here are four new formats to consider
Picture for Falafel Trend Insights
Insights into the falafel trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Fun Cocktails Trend Insights
Insights into the fun cocktails trend from our panel of experts
Picture for 10 Plant-based Purées on the Menu
Ideas and inspiration for using plant-based purées on your menu.
Picture for Making Condiments Count
Hitching emerging flavors to familiar condiments builds craveability
Picture for Seafood Season
Lent brings big opportunity for boosting business while tapping into modern seafood strategies
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: Joel Huff
Buttermilk + Shiso leaf + White soy sauce
Picture for 12 Ways to Rise and Shine
Wake up to a dozen on-trend breakfast ideas
Picture for Modern Menu Hits
Adaptation, interpretation and reinvention are all smart ways to serve up signature dishes
Picture for The Social Game
How the eatertainment segment is upping the ante on fun food
Picture for Cocktail Trends Tour
Countrywide research reveals five next-level beverage opportunities
Picture for Fry Days
Flavor in Focus: Crispy, crunchy and heavenly, fried small plates deliver craveability like nothing else
Picture for Fly South
Flavor in Focus: A distinctly Southern accent is showing up in diverse applications
Picture for Burger Nation
Flavor in Focus: Chefs today are creating even bigger flavor play to stand out in a crowded field
Picture for 10 Flavor Upgrades: But First, Cheese
A cheese-centric approach leads to small-plate success
Picture for 10 Beverage Upgrades: Veg-Centric Cocktails
Vegetables aren’t just shining in food, they’re lighting up the cocktail menu as well
Picture for Field Notes: Everybody Sambal
Wherever there’s a need for a distinctive, unexpected punch, Sambal shines brightly
Picture for Flavor Playlist: Nels Storm
Nels Storm introduces five flavors that inspire culinary creativity
Picture for Texas Pete Trifecta: Cornmeal  +  Blackberries + Texas Pete® Honey Mustard Sauce
Quinn Adkins introduces this go-to trifecta of cornmeal, blackberries, and Texas Pete® Honey Mustard Sauce
Picture for On Trend: Non-alcoholic Beverages
Non-alcoholic beverage innovation was front and center at this past summer’s Mise conference
Picture for Flavor Find: The Wonder of Walnuts
The annual California Walnut Harvest Chef Summit brought a group of chefs and media to Sacramento for an in-depth look at the mighty and versatile walnut
Picture for Big Ideas For Condiments
Leverage a few of today’s trending flavor themes using America’s favorite condiments
Picture for 2017: The Flavor Experience
An annual celebration of foodservice trends, sharp insights and big flavors
Picture for On Trends 2017 - part two
Street-level research reveals creative sparks that can flame menu innovation
Picture for On Trends 2017 - Highlights
Having tasted 1,197 dishes for the On Trends 2017 research, these were the three dishes that really stood out
Picture for Fast Casual's Evolution
This category, known for innovation, is changing. What’s working in this space, and what’s next?
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Pasta Perfection
Today’s comfort pasta dishes show off craveable, modern flavor builds
Picture for The Art of Craveability
A must-have, come-back-for-more dish calls for a strategy that goes way beyond the recipe formula
Picture for Big Menu Moves for Cheese
Six ways to maximize the popularity and versatility of cheese
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Grilled Cheese, Please
Modern flavor trends are informing creative iterations of America’s favorite sandwich, the grilled cheese
Picture for A Dozen Ways: Feeling Hot-Hot-Hot
Twelve ways to satiate diners’ never-ending appetite for heat
Picture for Globe Trotting
Commodity boards showcase how to harness trending global flavors
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Abuzz With Opportunity
Innovation in both boozy and non-alcoholic coffee and tea drinks demonstrates huge menu potential
Picture for 10 Flavor Upgrades: Sandwich Spreads
Condiments, spreads and dressings are the hidden heroes of today’s sandwich innovation
Picture for Texas Pete Trifecta: Gruyere + Fresh Apple + Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce
Matthia Accurso's go-to flavor trifecta: Texas Pete Hot Sauce, Gruyère and fresh apple
Picture for On the Menu: Small Potatoes with Big Flavor
Wee potatoes are expressing the kitchen’s creativity while answering the call for fun, sociable, flavor-forward fare
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: Kevin Atkinson
Kevin Atkinson's go-to flavor trifecta: harissa, mustard and avocado
Picture for Flavor Playlist: Lucas Clarke
Five flavors that inspire culinary creativity, suggested by Eric Lucas Clarke of MAD Greens.
Picture for Flavor Find: In a Pickle
James Pitzer's flavor find - house-pickled raspberries
Picture for 10 Beverage Upgrades: Fortified & Aromatized Wines
Fortified & Aromatized Wines - these ancient concoctions promise modern flavor building
Picture for The New Fried Rice
Fried rice is versatile, economical and shareable
Picture for Field Notes: Bringin' Hasselback
Chefs are rediscovering the potential of this classic technique. The Hasselback technique encourages a fun interpretation of today’s best flavor systems.
Picture for Bowled Over by Barbecue
New York-based Dinosaur Bar-B-Que recently added two signature barbecue bowls to its menu
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Go Deep
Brining and braising introduce moisture, complexity and nuance to modern dishes.
Picture for Five Ways to Maximize On-trend SKUs
Tips to help you manage operations while keeping up with trends
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Wing Span
Thanks to inspired flavor combinations, today's chicken wings are taking flight
Picture for Field Notes: Modern Sundaes
When it comes to sundaes, chefs are upping the flavor and textural ante, choosing intriguing combinations and pulling in on-trend ingredients.
Picture for Flavor in Focus: Spinning Salads
Brining and braising introduce moisture, complexity and nuance to modern dishes.
Picture for 10 Beverage Upgrades: The Modern-Day Margarita
The coolest cocktail explores new flavor frontiers. Ten ways to re-invent the Margarita.
Picture for Flavor at Work
Business & Industry innovation shines a spotlight on an evolving consumer
Picture for Right on Cue
Modern barbecue trends rely on a secret sauce of authenticity and innovation
Picture for Veg on the Edge
Ten produce categories creating interest and flavor-forward innovation on today’s menus
Picture for On the Menu: Nachos With a Modern Spin
Modern nachos are showcasing unexpected flavor systems
Picture for Flavor Trifecta: Sam Kim
Sam Kim's go-to flavor trifecta: cumin, ginger and Sichuan peppercorns
Picture for A Big Bite
Emerging flavors and forms that will carry the torch for the casual cuisine mega-trend.
Picture for Minding the Menu
Tracking the evolution of menu language that resonates with diners
Picture for A Dozen Ways: Building a Buzz-Worthy Beverage
A dozen trending ingredients making a splash today
Picture for Flavor Playlist: Eric Gabrynowicz
Five flavors that inspire culinary creativity, suggested by Eric Gabrynowicz of Tupelo Honey
Picture for Produce Takes Shape
Spiralized or shaved fruits and vegetables add intriguing dimension to a dish
Picture for Flavor Find: Corn Star
Alex Q. Becker's flavor find is a craveable fresh corn tempura
Picture for The Innovation Game
Keeping up with flavor trends while staying true to your brand is key to stability and growth.
Picture for The Next Wave of Casual Cuisine
Emerging flavors and forms that will carry the torch for the casual cuisine mega-trend.
Picture for On Trends 2017 - part one
Street-level research brings fresh ideas and menu strategies
Picture for Go Fish
Creativity and contrast mark the modern fish taco
Picture for The Millennial Effect
The priorities of a generation continue to shape our industry in profound ways
Picture for 10 Beverage Upgrades: Preserved, Pickled & Fermented
Cocktails go deep with these high-impact ingredients
Picture for Innovating Within Ubiquity
Breathe new life into late-stage trends with creative flavors and forms
Picture for 12 Modern Sandwiches
A dozen ways to reinvigorate this classic category
Picture for Pizza Party
From flour to flame, see what’s trending in this red-hot category
Picture for Super Bowls
Commodity boards harness the momentum of the bowl trend
Picture for Trending Sweet Spots
Tap into these menu-ready dessert trends for prime opportunities
Picture for Grapefruit At The Bar
Picture for Salad's Crisper Focus
Chefs are staging a coup, toppling the reign of tender greens and bringing back the crunch. Driven by a more intentional approach to salad-building, romaine and iceberg are getting called up, tucking craveability and, yes, innovation, among their crisp leaves.
Picture for Japan's Comfort Cuisine
Thanks to the proliferation of ramen bowls, along with the new izakaya wave, chefs are discovering the flavors of comfort-forward Japanese ingredients and dishes, like karaage, katsu and okonomiyaki, promising craveable, memorable experiences.
Picture for Small Potatoes Go Big
Small potatoes are making big moves and showing off their skills as a shareable, sociable innovation platform. Minis, marbles, fingerlings—all respond beautifully to flavor techniques like roasting, blistering, smoking and smashing.
Picture for Skillet Sensation
Old-fashioned comfort meets modern flavor innovation in today’s forward-thinking skillet preparations. Rustic and earnest, skillets today host bubbling pasta dishes, shareable dips and caramelized mini platters of veg-centric bar bites.
Picture for Mindful On A Mission
This overarching trend speaks to a menu strategy that appeals to today’s modern diners. Thoughtfulness of intent, transparency in sourcing and a mindfulness around flavor-building all give this trend long legs.
Picture for Chickpeas Go Chic
Propelled by the interest in plant-based proteins, the veg-centric trend and Middle Eastern fare, the chickpea is stealing the spotlight. From bar bites of roasted chickpeas to the next wave of hummus and the explosion of falafel, they promise wholesome adventure.
Picture for Seafood's Modern Hook
This trend sees seafood boldly stepping out of its traditional confines and embracing big flavor combinations and casual presentations. Chefs are menuing seafood in thrilling ways, underpinning the dishes with an approachable, but meaningful message of sustainability.
Picture for Guajillo Gains Ground
Chile varietals are always on trend, giving diners the heat and excitement they yearn for. Guajillo is capturing chefs’ attention because of its depth of character, offering flavorful heat plus a cool regional Mexican hook.
Picture for Next-Level Non-Alcoholic Beverages
With the growing interest in soda alternatives plus innovation in the cocktail space, creative non-alcoholic offerings are vying for menu space. Fast casuals are leading the way with fresh-pressed juices; hand-crafted sodas; flavor-forward lemonades and iced teas; iced coffees and more.
Picture for Next-Gen Nachos
America’s favorite shareable is getting a serious makeover from chefs who are mindfully constructing layers of textures and flavors. Speaking to modern flavor trends, today’s nachos extend a restaurant brand’s playfulness and creativity while delivering big time on craveability.
Picture for 5 Ways To Modernize Salad
 Incorporating unusual ingredients and combinations
Picture for Six Winning Salad Strategies
Rethink your salad menu strategy. Go with two to three core salads on your menu that have longevity year-round, then implement a robust salad LTO cycle that features a new seasonal salad offering every two months.
Picture for Seacuterie Ideas For The Bar
Pull in both seacuterie and classic dishes for a crowd-pleasing range of seafood options to serve at the bar
Picture for 12 Modern Citrus Trends
A dozen ways to leverage the fresh zing of citrus across the menu
Picture for Making Cheesecake Competitive
Cheesecake offers a rich canvas for fun, modern flavor innovation
Picture for 10 Trending Tastes in Cocktails
An interesting progression emerges in cocktail trends
Picture for Veg-Centric Trends In Bar Bites and Small Plates
Savvy menu-makers are front-loading menus with produce-driven bar bites, appetizers and small plates that entice diners
Picture for Trend Watch
Leverage the insights and data that commodity boards offer up for strategic menu development
Picture for 10 Deli Inspirations
What’s not to like? Favorite deli flavors go beyond tradition.
Picture for The New American Cuisine
Picture for 5 Emerging Global Protein Flavors
Global protein treatments with on-trend opportunity and complex, craveable flavor
Picture for Seafood Innovation for the Lenten Season
Spreading the excitement well beyond Lent, boosting sales and creating new dining preferences all year long
Picture for Menu Trends In Modern Campus Dining
Forward-thinking culinary directors are pioneering new landscape and impacting the mindset, sophistication and expectation of younger consumers
Picture for Beignets Today
New Trends Outside the Big Easy
Picture for Ambassadors of Flavor
On-trend menu builds that stand out with rich flavor stories
Picture for Making Protein Count
The shifting plate makeup is putting a renewed emphasis on quality protein with flavor at the forefront
Picture for 12 Expanding Flavor Systems
Extend the flavor stories behind some of the most craveable and successful profiles today
Picture for The Banh Mi Effect
The success of the banh mi has demonstrated the importance of high-impact produce in sandwiches
Picture for Umami On Top
Chefs are exploring the menu potential of furikake and togarashi, two high-impact finishes
Picture for Cheese Makes The Menu
Picture for Coming In For The Cold
Thanks to younger consumers—raised with single-varietal coffees, a rainbow of black, green, white and red tea shades, and curious about anything that smacks of the new—innovative methods, like cold-brew have found little customer resistance.
Picture for Trend Tracking at the Source: Part 2
Picture for Snacking On Seafood
Newer menu development around seafood is edgier, more global, and often sees bolder flavor combinations.
Picture for 10 Soup Upgrades
Generic tomato soup and clam chowder will probably never go away, but creative innovation can help elevate soups to signature. Here are 10 upgrades, from creative garnishes to edgy, global mash-ups, that could give chicken noodle a run for your profits.
Picture for Forever Young
Key into the flavor preferences of the hugely influential younger generations.
Picture for 12 Trends from the Fryer
A dozen of today’s most exciting fried foods.
Picture for 10 Fantastic Beverage Flavor Finds
The latest ingredients bartenders are using to make a beverage pop.
Picture for Dessert’s New Sweet Spot
As more chefs modernize nostalgic desserts, both consumer expectation and menu opportunity go up.
Picture for Third Wave Burgers
Picture for From South Carolina to South America
Picture for 12 Emerging Global Flavors
Picture for 10 Sandwich Heroes
Sandwiches invite creativity, from riffs on such classics as club sandwiches and BLTs to new ingredient stars like lamb and braised short rib.
Picture for Power Couple
Picture for Middle Eastern Momentum
Picture for Bar Forward
Picture for Carrot Craze
Picture for The Flavors of Fast Casual
Picture for Coming Clean
Picture for Seafood's New Allure
Picture for Crisp as a Cucumber
Picture for Do-It-Yourself Juicing
Thinking about making more fresh juices in house? Consultant Kim Haasarud of Liquid Architecture offers these suggestions.
Picture for 10 Cocktail Micro Trends
Picture for Sweets in Session
Shareable dessert trios, selections and flights offer mini adventures at the end of a meal.
Picture for Indian Intel
Contemporary touches are creating renewed interest in Indian cuisine
Picture for Trend Tracking at the Source: Part I
From coast to coast, new restaurants provide clues to future menu direction
Picture for Juicy Story
Fresh and profitable, juice and juice blends pack plenty of positives on a menu.
Picture for India Emerging
Picture for New-School Steakhouse
The modern steakhouse tailors its menu to today’s evolving consumer
Picture for High-Tech Flavor
Picture for Juice Behind the Bar
Picture for Produce Goes Global
Picture for Grain Salads
The world of grains has opened up in the last few years, ushering in a new era of discovery. Bolstered by intriguing, historical narratives and significant health positives, chefs are menuing ancient grains like quinoa, freekeh, farro and barley in whole-grain salads, as both sides and entrées. Bowls have become the modern version of a salad: heartier, driven by global flavor exploration, and perceived as both delicious and wholesome.
Picture for Flavor-Filled Partnerships
Picture for Salad's Crisper Focus
Chefs are staging a coup, toppling the reign of tender greens and bringing back the crunch. Driven by a more intentional approach to salad-building, romaine and iceberg are getting called up, tucking craveability and, yes, innovation, among their crisp leaves.
Picture for It's Time For Tea
Picture for Hot Harissa
Picture for Fried Chicken
Picture for Mexican Makes Moves
Picture for Citrus On Fire
Picture for Italian Renaissance
Picture for Soft Cheese Sensations
Picture for Vegetable Forward
The vegetable-centric movement has taken hold, with opportunity growing in leaps and bounds
Picture for New Comfort Bases
Picture for Butter Goes Bold
Picture for 10 Winter-Ready Salads
Picture for Low & Slow
Picture for 5 Breakfast Trends to Watch
Picture for Lenten Opportunities
Picture for Hooked on Sandwiches
Picture for Desserts to Remember
Picture for Promoting the Positive
Picture for 2015's Biggest Cocktail Trends
Picture for Sriracha and Beyond
Where did this sauce come from, and where is it headed?
Picture for Everything's Coming Up Produce
Picture for 12 Breads on the Rise
Picture for Piece of Cake, Easy as Pie
Pie and cake lovers can be as divisive about their dessert preferences as dog and cat people, but chefs are finding new and old ways to court both factions.
Picture for The Payoff of Partnership
Picture for Crafting Sodas
Picture for Branching Out
Picture for 12 Modern Cheese Trends
Picture for Taking Root
Picture for Menu Trends Firsthand: Part 2
Picture for 2015: The Ultimate Flavor Experience
Picture for Fries that Surprise
Picture for Global Hits on the Horizon
Picture for 10 Flavor Upgrades: Flavorful Fungi
Earthy, meaty, smoky or woodsy, mushrooms bring depth to the plate
Picture for 12 On-Trend Sauces
Picture for Market Fresh
Picture for Sweet Shortcuts
In a world that values housemade, speed-scratch lends a helping hand
Picture for Menu-Ready Partnerships
Collaboration, logistics and promotionlead to successful menu strategies
Picture for Speed Scratch at the Bar
Picture for The Customization of Chimichurri
Bring the vibrant flavor of this fresh sauce to unexpected places
Picture for Redefining Authenticity
Picture for 12 Modern Flavor Builders
Picture for Memorable Meats
Picture for Looking to the East
Picture for 10 Chile Pepper Flavor Upgrades
Picture for Menu Trends Firsthand: Part 1
Picture for Reimagining Ice Cream Sandwiches
Turn the nostalgic frozen treat into a signature dessert
Picture for Trend-Spotting: Ahead of the Game
Commodity boards help keep an eye on ever-evolving trends
Picture for The Young and the Wine Savvy
Flavor preferences and attitudes toward wine are different for Millennials
Picture for 12 Trends In Coffee & Tea
Picture for Basic Goes Big
Picture for The Magic of Grilling
Picture for New Groove for Barbecue
Picture for Bowled Away
Picture for 10 Flavor Upgrades: Meatballs
Picture for Building the Modern Sandwich
Picture for Sweet, Stout and Spirited
Picture for Heritage Matters
Picture for Pasta Perfection - 12 Ways
Picture for 5 Menu-Ready Beverage Trends
Picture for The Promise of Poutine
Poutine has become ubiquitous, offering a craveable platform for customization
Picture for Japanese on the Rise
Picture for For Every Season
Picture for Produce Makes the Sandwich
No more limp leaf of lettuce—produce is the creative force in today’s sandwich builds
Picture for Low Proof, Big Payoff
Picture for Sweet Mash-Ups
Picture for The Brunch Boom
Picture for Modern German
Picture for Good Vibrations
Picture for Fast & Fresh Italian
Picture for In a Savory Jam
Picture for Maple's Moment
Picture for Back to the Ranch
Picture for Toast of the Town
Picture for Wine For a New Generation
Millennials bring different values and habits to the table—wine lists should better suit their tastes
Picture for Layers of Love
Picture for Craft Cocktail Cues for 2015
Picture for Translating Trends
Picture for ¡QUÉ RICO!
Picture for Sauce Inspirations
Picture for Creating Crave
Picture for Leveraging Lent
Picture for Filling the Vacuum
Picture for Smashed, Mashed & Flashed
Picture for Chocolate Nation
Picture for Menu Success Stories
A look at menu “wins” resulting from commodity board and operator partnerships
Picture for Street-Level Trend Tracking, Part 2
Ongoing research reveals inspired ingredient and flavor innovation—with a sweet finish
Picture for Bite-Sized and Deep-Fried
More menus are featuring small bites that are shareable, craveable and crunchy
Picture for Belgians Take Flight
As American brewers and consumers discover the many flavors of Belgian-style beers, restaurants should take notice
Picture for The New Rural & Rustic
Picture for Generational Flavors
Picture for Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
Sweetness rules the dessert menu, but subtle flavor touches add distinction
Picture for Cocktail's Hour
12 trending cocktails that offer mouthwatering opportunities for signature sips.
Picture for Protein at the Bar
Bar snacks and small plates are big business—make them protein-centric for an even meatier return
Picture for The Unforgettable Flavor Experience
Three days of key insights and flavor trends
Picture for Living with Labels
The new menu-labeling regulations prompt operators to take a fresh look at how to deliver what diners want
Picture for Retail Point of View
For ground-level consumer trend tracking, pay attention to the innovations put forth by supermarket chefs
Picture for Powering Up Produce
When chefs make produce craveable, customers come back for more
Picture for Grains Making Big Gains
Grains keep making inroads onto mainstream menus; here are a dozen varieties with menu versatility and staying power
Picture for Treat Me Right
What strategies yield desserts that fulfill demanding expectations?
Picture for A New World of Protein
The next generation of global inspiration brings big, diverse flavors to protein dishes
Picture for Street-Level Trend Tracking
Restaurant research in major U.S. cities uncovers creative menu ideas at every turn
Picture for A Push for Pulled Bacon
Brining and braising bacon yields a tender, delectable ingredient with multiple uses
Picture for Trend-Setters
Nationwide flavor trends get their start at emerging regional chains
Picture for Time for a Fresh Drink
Reinvigorate your beverage program for a big payoff
Picture for Proudly Piemontese
Regional Italian food and drink at its best can be found in the traditions of the Piedmont region
Picture for Managing Myths
Commodity boards help cut through misconceptions that can lead to menu-development obstacles
Picture for Oh, the Places Produce Goes
Untapped opportunities for produce can fill menu gaps with flavor
Picture for Changing Tastes
From salty to sour to umami, the basic tastes we know and love are taking on unconventional roles
Picture for Better-for-You Beverages
Picture for Gateway to Global
Accessible flavors and comforting dishes bring “new” global cuisines closer to home
Picture for Making the Most of Meat
Tapping the full potential of protein requires a flavor-centered touch
Picture for The Dark Side: Chicken Thighs
Want flavorful, versatile and economical all in one cut of meat? Try the thigh.
Picture for A Canvas for  Flavor
Good carriers display the latest flavor trends at their best
Picture for Charge It
Charged or carbonated cocktails provide new ways to present favorite flavors
Picture for Tapping Beverage Trends
The annual VIBE Conference brings beverage flavor and service trends front and center
Picture for American Cheese
Our big cheese culture holds its own against its international predecessors
Picture for The Young and the Savvy
Kids know what they want, and commodity boards know how to help cater to their wishes
Picture for Dairy, Queen of Desserts
The ruler of the dessert menu is going strong and responding to changing times and tastes
Picture for One Step Better For You
How are operators taking the healthfulness of their menus to the next level?
Picture for Digging Up New Varietals
New, unusual and versatile produce varietals making their way onto menus
Picture for Breakfast Break-Outs
The sustaining trends expressing themselves in the a.m. daypart continue to grow in leaps and bounds
Picture for Tiny Bubbles
Picture for Produce Prevails
Picture for Sweet Companions
Picture for Partnership Power
Together, commodity boards and chefs maximize ingredients’ potential
Picture for Oysters: Hotter Than Ever
Creative hot cooking methods accentuate the oyster’s treasures
Picture for Healthy Meets Delicious
The approach to better-for-you menu strategies varies, but flavor should always take the lead
Picture for Cutting Edge Flavors
These distinctive ingredients delve deeper into on-trend flavor explorations
Picture for Building a Better Bite
Produce holds the key to flavor innovation in bar bites and small plates
Picture for Terroir and Technology
The latest Worlds of Flavor conference underscores the flavor of nature and the promise of technology.
Picture for Drinking in Flavor
Bold, spicy, sweet, fruity—the leading flavors of on-trend beverage menus
Picture for Flavor with an Accent
Growing Hispanic and Asian populations make their mark on today’s American menus
Picture for More in the Middle
Picture for All-Day Desserts
Picture for Sour Gets Serious
Picture for Filipino Phenomenon
With our embrace of mash-up cuisines, Filipino is poised to deliver a flavorful ride
Picture for Beverages Go Bold
Picture for Burgers, Beer & Assoc.
Picture for Crazy for Coconut
Picture for The Spice Blends of Life
Picture for It’s All About Authenticity
Picture for The South Rises
Picture for Ahoy, Fish ’n Chips
Picture for Drink While It's Hot
Picture for Here's to Your Health
Picture for A New Frontier for Tacos
Picture for Impact Ingredients
Picture for Flavor Behavior
Picture for Tapping Into Texture
Picture for Global Accents
Picture for From Flour to Flame
Picture for Partnerships with Payoff
Picture for Produce Transformations
Picture for Menu Trends, Coast to Coast
Picture for 10 Produce Points
Produce adds fresh and wholesome cues, but with the right treatment, it can add premium value to your menu.
Picture for Haute Diggity Dogs!
Picture for Formula for Growth
Picture for Industry Allies
Picture for South America: Bold Inspirations
Picture for Ready for the World
Picture for Savory Pancakes
Picture for Produce as a Premium
Picture for Sides in the Spotlight
Picture for The Bridge That Flavor Built
Picture for The Sweet Sell
Picture for Get Real
Picture for Gold-Plating Desserts
Picture for Flatbreads & Fillings
Picture for Fruit Desserts Plain and Fancy
Picture for Rising Tide
Picture for The Creative Spirit
Picture for Embedding Healthy Flavors
Picture for Palate-Pleasing Textures
Picture for Layers of Flavor
Picture for Flavor Foresight
Picture for Angeleno Inspiration
Picture for A Menu for All Seasons
Picture for Culinary Evolution, On a Roll
Picture for The Flavor of Place
Picture for Flavor-House Formulas
Picture for Next-Level Sauces
Picture for Ripe for the Picking
Picture for Venezuelan Cachapas
Picture for Ancient Spices, Future Flavors
Picture for Signature Simplicity
Picture for On-Trend Tropics
Picture for Feel Good Produce
Picture for The Rebirth of Fusion
Picture for A Sip of Strategy
Picture for Protein Progressions
Picture for The Big Cheese
Picture for 21st Century Beverage Rules
Picture for A New Generation of Sandwiches
Picture for Getting Into the Spirits
Picture for Modern Flavor Migration
Picture for Partners in Promotion
Picture for Protein with a Passport
Picture for Savoring Sweetness
Picture for The Flavor Functions of Produce
Picture for Flaky and Full of Flavor
Picture for New World of Flavors
Picture for New York: The Forefront of Flavor
Picture for Beverage Sales Boost
Picture for Flavors Big & Bold
Picture for Play With Your Dessert
Picture for Tapping into Trends
Picture for The Bitter Truth
Picture for Chicago's Flavor Response
Picture for Fusion Takes Hold
Picture for Global Flavor Sense
Picture for Produce's Foundational Four
Picture for Quality vs. Quantity
Picture for Spicing It Up
Picture for Wine Within Reach
Picture for Better-for-you Boosts
Picture for Protein at a Premium
Picture for Pump Up Umami
Picture for Savoring Sour
Picture for Fast & Fresh Flavor Innovators
Picture for Frozen Treats Put Flavor First
Picture for Gastro Grub
Picture for Latin Libations
Picture for Non-Alc, All Grown Up
Picture for Pizza On Fire
Picture for Produce With Prominence
Picture for Slow But Simple
Picture for Sweet On the Drink
Picture for World Casual
Picture for A Passion for Produce
Picture for Changing of the Culinary Guard
Picture for Flavor Signature Cocktails
Picture for Survey Says
Picture for How to Say Cheese
Picture for Piece of Cake
Picture for Say it with Salt
Picture for What's for Breakfast?
Picture for Coats of Many Flavors
Picture for Meats From Afar
Picture for Plate Shifts
Picture for A Place on the Menu
Picture for Flavors of the Arab East
Picture for Looking Back, Moving Forward
Picture for Play Up Background Flavors
Picture for Playing Up Produce
Picture for Beer & Wine Join the Cocktail Crowd
Picture for Cheese Stands Alone
Picture for Proof Positive
Picture for Stews The World Over
Picture for Sweet Deals
Picture for Child's Play Means Serious Business
Picture for The Comfort of Cookies
Picture for Get More from the Grill
Picture for The Never-Ending Daypart
Picture for Classics Reimagined
Picture for Freshen Your Drink?
Picture for Fresh Produce Premium Values
Picture for Icy Delights of the Americas
Picture for Lessons from Growth Chains
Picture for Little Bites, Big Payoff
Picture for Meats Love Marinades
Picture for Power Partnerships
Picture for Shaking Things Up
Picture for Tiki, Not Tacky
Picture for Contemporary Condiments
Picture for Hidden Treasures
Picture for Lose the Fear of Frying
Picture for Move Over, Margarita
Picture for Palate-Pleasing Textures
Picture for The New Value Platform
Picture for The Flexibility Factor
Picture for Trendspotting at the Bar
Picture for Lessons from the Source
Picture for Protein Makes Big Plays
Picture for Salad Days Have Arrived
Picture for Finesse to the Finish
Picture for Comfort in Pot Pie
Picture for Produce Innovation
Picture for From Soup to Nuts
Picture for In-Season Sipping
Picture for Make Mine Chocolate
Picture for Serving Up Calorie Counts
Picture for The Flavor-ability of Italy
Picture for Work the Menu with Alliums
Picture for Artisan Analysis
Picture for Chocolate Supreme
Picture for Comfort Classics
Picture for Japan
Picture for Tea & Coffee Get a Boost