Demographic Trends

Picture for Cross-generational Appeal
Strategies to help attract multiple demographics
Picture for The Next Generation
What does Gen Z represent for restaurant brands, and how are operators strategizing? We took a snapshot to help better understand these younger dining consumers, coloring in the profile of Gen Z while also outlining a few concepts’ savvy approach in making them loyal customers.
Picture for The Social Game
How the eatertainment segment is upping the ante on fun food
Picture for The Millennial Effect
The priorities of a generation continue to shape our industry in profound ways
Picture for Menu Trends In Modern Campus Dining
Forward-thinking culinary directors are pioneering new landscape and impacting the mindset, sophistication and expectation of younger consumers
Picture for Forever Young
Key into the flavor preferences of the hugely influential younger generations.
Picture for Wine For a New Generation
Millennials bring different values and habits to the table—wine lists should better suit their tastes
Picture for Generational Flavors
Picture for Flavor Behavior
Picture for The Bridge That Flavor Built
Picture for Changing of the Culinary Guard
Picture for A Place on the Menu