Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development
Picture for Seacuterie Rising
Fish spreads, smoked mussels and their ilk are becoming the new hip and cool bar bites. Seafood has become shareable, thanks to intriguing culinary technique and appealing presentation.
Picture for Hummus and Beyond
With so much momentum behind hummus innovation, a new opportunity has taken shape, where chefs are looking beyond traditional hummus and exploring the menu potential of other plant-based purées.
Picture for Passage to India
Indian food is catching fire this year. Approachability is everything. With diners game for the next flavor frontier, Indian mash-ups are poised to offer a differentiating thrill.
Picture for Eastern Mediterranean Meats
Flavor-rich döner and shawarma are ripe for mainstream menu development. Their built-in craveability, coupled with an ease of translation into creative interpretations, make them a good bet for successful menu development.
Picture for All About Texture
Creative brittles, crumbles, crispy bits and popped grains are upgrading the dining experience. Chefs are taking textural play to the next level - and having fun.
Picture for Yogurt's High Heat
In today’s foodservice landscape, unique flavor-building is key to menu differentiation and brand loyalty. Spicy yogurt helps tell a compelling flavor story that draws guests in with the guarantee of a creamy mouthfeel and the promise of adventure.
Picture for Taco Revolution
Today's tacos take inspiration from all cuisines including Latin, Southeast Asian, Indian, Mediterranean. There's a huge opportunity in global taco mash-ups with a casual, social vibe.
Picture for Sorghum Soars
Sorghum’s flour answers the demand for both gluten-free and whole-grain. Sorghum syrup offers a mild, sweet, distinctive flavor. And popped sorghum makes a perfect whimsical crunchy topper.
Picture for Falafel Up Front
Falafel is a plant-based superstar, with craveable texture, customizable flavor and endless versatility. It’s cheap and delicious, and chefs can create signature versions to keep customers interested and satisfied.
Picture for Cocktails at Play
Fun cocktails offer escape, entertainment, and shareability. Use your cocktail menu to push limits and thrill with new flavor combinations.
Picture for Top 10 Trends 2018 Panel of Experts
The chefs, food & beverage experts and industry analysts who provided insights for this special Top 10 Trends 2018 issue
Picture for Trends 2018 Case Study
This Ras el Hanout Hummus Bowl with Sockeye Salmon showcases some of today’s biggest trends
Picture for On The Horizon - 2018 and Beyond
Looking beyond 2018, what flavors, ingredients and movements are at the edge of the trend cycle?
Picture for Coming in for Cold Brew
Cold brew coffee offers on-trend beverage builds
Picture for On-Trend Brunch Cocktails
Coffee and cereal milk: tapping into morning cravings for on-trend brunch cocktails.
Picture for Going Beyond the Drink for a Fun Cocktail Experience
4 areas to explore to create a memorable, whimsical cocktail experience for your guests.
Picture for The Greek Gyro Gets Sexy
Chefs are dialing up the delivery, updating this delicious classic and twisting it into new formats
Picture for Cross-Utilization Ideas for Eastern Med Meats
Menu ideas that borrow from the rotating spit concept but vary the protein and flavors
Picture for Build Craveability in Eastern Med Sandwiches
The layers of flavor that build craveability in Eastern Med sandwiches
Picture for Four Creative Twists on the Traditional
Move the falafel into a mini-burger format with a simple shift in shape.
Picture for Indian-inspired Cocktail Ideas
Indian flavors are moving into the beverage realm, adding their bold flavors
Picture for Mash-up Menu Hits
Indian cuisine mash-ups are an ingenious way to introduce bold, unfamiliar flavors in approachable, loved formats.
Picture for Demystifying Masala and other Indian Ingredients
Some of the most prominent Indian pantry items that are ripe for the picking.
Picture for Crisp and Creamy Falafel Accompaniments
On-trend ingredients that help build a craveable falafel dish.
Picture for The Taco Evolution Through Trends
4 trends that adapt well in taco format creating portable, powerful flavor
Picture for Sorghum on the Menu Across All Dayparts
The opportunities to leverage the sorghum trend across all dayparts are endless
Picture for The New Phenomenon of Dessert Tacos
Chefs are now moving tacos to the sweet side of the menu
Picture for 10 Beloved Flavor Systems Finding A Creative Fit In Tacos
10 proven flavor combinations that hit that sweet spot of craveability and familiarity presented in taco format
Picture for Recipe: Beer Braised German Bratwurst With Onions
Recipe for Browned Bratwurst and sliced onions simmered in dark beer with garlic and thyme served in a warm Mission® 6″ Heat Pressed Flour Tortilla
Picture for 7 Yogurt Add-Ins
Try these add-ins to keep this condiment on the cutting edge.
Picture for 10 Modern Menu Applications for Yogurt
Ideas and inspiration for how to use yogurt creatively in your menus.
Picture for Flavors of the Eastern Med and India
Greek yogurt helps foodservice operators leverage the assertive flavors of India and the Eastern Mediterranean.
Picture for 3 Modern Cocktail Rims
Dust beverage rims with sugar crystals and spices to add textural delight
Picture for 10 Go-Tos for Crunch
Use texture to surprise and delight consumers with unexpected, flavor-enhancing experiences
Picture for Falafel In The Spotlight
A number of drivers are pushing falafel into the spotlight: the fascination with Eastern Mediterranean flavors, the rise in plant-forward cuisine and the chickpea boom.
Picture for Sipping Sorghum: Sorghum in Drinks
Sorghum’s role in beverages is on the rise, with its versatility ranging from sweetener to spirit
Picture for Texture Intel
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.
Picture for 4 Opportunities with Plant-Based Purées as Modern Sauces
Plant-based purées are a smart way to exploit this area of growth.
Picture for Hummus Versatility with Bush’s
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.
Picture for Plant-based Purées Deliver Vegan and Vegetarian Options
Plant-based purées are a smart way to exploit this area of growth.
Picture for Publisher's Page Top 10 Trends 2018
Welcome to the January-February 2018 Top 10 Trends issue from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Cathy Nash Holley
Picture for 4 Steps to Sustainable Seacuterie
4 ways to develop a sustainable and 100-percent utilization approach to seacuterie.
Picture for Seacuterie Insights
Sorghum is finally going national. Here are five ways to feature it on your menu.
Picture for 10 Best Bets for a Seacuterie Menu
10 ways to key into this exciting and appealing seafood offerings trend
Picture for Plant-based Purée Plating Inspiration
Plating with a plant-based and flavorful purée is an artful way to add more produce to the plate without mounding up grains and vegetables, and is a way to add interesting texture, vibrant color and layers upon layers of flavor.
Picture for Plant-based Purées Insights
Insights into the plant-based purées trend from our panel of experts
Picture for 8 Ways to Indian Inspiration
Take an Indian national dish, major flavor or technique as inspiration, and craft that into a new form or flavor that works on your menu and with your consumer target.
Picture for Indian Mash-ups Insights
Insights into the Indian mash-ups trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Eastern Med Meats Trend Insights
Insights into the Eastern Mediterranean meats trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Textures Trend Insights
Insights into the trend of interesting textures, from our panel of experts
Picture for Boost Brunch with Spicy Yogurt
Spicy yogurt brings a cool kick to the brunch menu. Here are four easy ways with chilaquiles, hash browns, yogurt bowls and pancakes.
Picture for Spicy Yogurt Insights
Insights into the spicy yogurt trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Taco 2.0 Trend Insights
Insights into the tacos 2.0 trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Sorghum Trend Insights
Insights into the Sorghum trend from our panel of experts
Picture for 5 Ideas for Sorghum
Sorghum is finally going national. Here are five ways to feature it on your menu.
Picture for New-fashioned Falafel
Traditional falafel dishes are evolving - here are four new formats to consider
Picture for Falafel Trend Insights
Insights into the falafel trend from our panel of experts
Picture for Fun Cocktails Trend Insights
Insights into the fun cocktails trend from our panel of experts
Picture for 10 Plant-based Purées on the Menu
Ideas and inspiration for using plant-based purées on your menu.
Picture for Seacuterie Ideas For The Bar
Pull in both seacuterie and classic dishes for a crowd-pleasing range of seafood options to serve at the bar