2016 November December

Picture for 12 Modern Citrus Trends
A dozen ways to leverage the fresh zing of citrus across the menu
Picture for Making Cheesecake Competitive
Cheesecake offers a rich canvas for fun, modern flavor innovation
Picture for 10 Trending Tastes in Cocktails
An interesting progression emerges in cocktail trends
Picture for Veg-Centric Trends In Bar Bites and Small Plates
Savvy menu-makers are front-loading menus with produce-driven bar bites, appetizers and small plates that entice diners
Picture for Trend Watch
Leverage the insights and data that commodity boards offer up for strategic menu development
Picture for 10 Deli Inspirations
What’s not to like? Favorite deli flavors go beyond tradition.
Picture for The New American Cuisine
Picture for 5 Emerging Global Protein Flavors
Global protein treatments with on-trend opportunity and complex, craveable flavor
Picture for Seafood Innovation for the Lenten Season
Spreading the excitement well beyond Lent, boosting sales and creating new dining preferences all year long
Picture for Menu Trends In Modern Campus Dining
Forward-thinking culinary directors are pioneering new landscape and impacting the mindset, sophistication and expectation of younger consumers