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Bombay Flavor Bomb Best of Flavor 2017

Bombay Sliders with tamarind chutney, cilantro chutney and a market salad

Ajay Walia

The veg-centric movement has changed the game, showcasing flavor and technique with delicious originality. At Rasa, a progressive South Indian restaurant, the vegetarian Bombay Sliders are proving to be a top seller. “It’s unusual to get vegetarian sliders with different layers of flavors,” says Ajay Walia, Owner. “Our Bombay Sliders are an explosion of sweet, tangy and mildly spicy flavors.”

The sliders are spiced potato-patty fritters sandwiched between two toasted pav buns, the silky soft bread hailing from India. Tangy tamarind and sweet cilantro chutneys add more flavor and texture. “We hear from customers saying that they visit here from other parts of the Bay Area just to have the sliders,” he says.

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