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What A Catch Best of Flavor 2018 | Slapfish | Clobster Grilled Cheese

PHOTO CREDIT: Lauren Gruel

Best of Flavor 2018
The customizable format of grilled cheese makes it an easy sandwich to signaturize with unique flavors and premium ingredients. At Slapfish, a sustainable seafood fast casual, a lobster- and crab-packed grilled cheese delivers seafood in a craveable way.

“Slapfish’s Clobster Grilled Cheese is the answer to everyone’s seafood wishes,” says andrew Gruel, Founder/CEO.Maine lobster and Dungeness crab pair with aged white cheddar and mozzarella between two slices of sourdough bread.

A nutty toasted butter and mayonnaise coat the inside of the sandwich, while Jersey sauce—made from mayonnaise, Sriracha, chipotle and sour pickle juice—is drizzled over the sandwich, all providing a complex array of flavors.

“The experience is incredible, as it truly melts in your mouth,” says Gruel.

The success of the Clobster Grilled Cheese has inspired Slapfish to develop other seafood grilled cheese sandwiches, including a Smoked Salmon and Brie Melt, Smoked Salmon Reuben and Shrimp Club.


Andrew Gruel


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