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Through the Woods with Koval Cranberry Gin, Matchless Coffee Soda, ginger, evergreen

By Flavor & The Menu
April 3, 2019

Nathanael Mehrens

Coffee cocktails find a welcoming home on brunch menus, balancing the jolt of caffeine with a boozy weekend vibe. At Stay Golden restaurant and roastery, Beverage Director Nathanael Mehrens menus five coffee cocktails, including the top-selling Through the Woods, which stars Koval cranberry gin, Matchless coffee soda, ginger and bitters.

“Cranberry and coffee together make a rich and zingy base for the ginger and spices in the bitters I use, which round out the flavors and bring an overall complexity to the cocktail,” he says. “This cocktail is bracing and refreshing, like a winter woodland walk. We start by shaking the gin, ginger and bitters with ice and then top it with Matchless Coffee Soda to give it effervescence and depth of flavor. The finishing touch is the evergreen garnish, which brings an aroma of pine to the drink and also serves well as a striking visual.”

Its low ABV makes it a great brunch cocktail, says Mehrens. “People love its drinkability. Through the Woods works well because it’s unique but familiar at the same time,” he says. “All of these flavors are consistent with the season, but are presented in a way that is unexpected.”

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