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Griddled bologna, Texas toast, lettuce, American cheese, Dijonnaise, sea salt and housemade kettle chips

By Flavor & The Menu
April 19, 2019

Sheamus Feeley

People from all different regions of the country reminisce about the wonder of fried bologna sandwiches. Simple, comforting and wildly craveable, the sandwich sets itself up nicely for creative translation. Punch Bowl Social, a modern dining and entertainment chain, offers The Wolf, served on griddled Texas toast and starring griddled beef bologna, American cheese, mustard, lettuce and sea-salt kettle chips.

“The Wolf is an homage to the fried bologna sandwiches a lot of us grew up eating as kids,” says Sheamus Feeley, Chief Culinary & Beverage Officer. “For me, there were always a few key components to a great one: toasted white bread slathered with mustard, creamy, unctuous American cheese, and bologna, slightly caramelized, but not completely dry.”

The Wolf plays an important role in the brand’s sandwich offerings. “It quite often gets the biggest praise—sometimes due to a guest being a little skeptical, and other times it’s genuine excitement for a long-lost taste of home.”

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