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Empress Indigo Gin, lime juice, rosemary syrup, egg white, wildflowers

By Flavor & The Menu
April 19, 2019

Josh Jamison

There’s nothing funny about the success of The Joker, a purple gin sour at Ruka, a Peruvian-Japanese concept specializing in Nikkei cuisine that pairs Japanese techniques with Peruvian ingredients. The cocktail grabs attention with its attractive purple hue and wins repeat orders with its balanced flavor profile.

Empress Indigo Gin, fresh lime juice, rosemary syrup and egg whites are combined with a dry shake. Ice is added, followed by a more vigorous shake. The mixture is strained into an icy coupe class and garnished with wildflowers.

“The Joker is thoughtfully balanced between its alcohol, acid, sugar and light rosemary notes on both the nose and tongue,” says Josh Jamison, Beverage Director. “I’ve always loved the pairing of gin with rosemary, if done correctly.” With balanced flavor that makes it go down easy, plus stunning visuals that make it document-worthy, The Joker is the epitome of a modern cocktail.

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