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Mango, citrus, chile-lime salt, fresh ginger

By Flavor & The Menu
April 19, 2019

Noah Burgess

The combination of sweet with heat holds the attention of more and more consumers today, who seek out complexity, depth and a touch of intrigue. Juice It Up!, a raw juice and smoothie bar, invested in that combination, coming up with a limited-time offering (LTO) last summer called the Chili Lime Mango Smoothie, a refreshing blend of sweet mango, citrus (orange/lemon), chili-lime salt and fresh ginger.

“First and foremost, the fresh mango combined with the layers of orange and lemon citrus flavors hit the palate with a tangy sweet note,” says Juice It Up! Nutritionist and R&D Scientist Noah Burgess. “Then the slight heat of the chile-lime salt and spicy ginger create a flavor profile that is sweet, refreshing and has a nice zing.”

He describes the smoothie as the most unique flavor profile on the menu. The LTO performed so well, it’s now a fixture on the regular menu. “I think it is a hit because guests are always looking for new craveable menu items they can’t find anywhere else,” he says. “With our locations being predominantly in Southern California, this smoothie in particular really appeals to our Hispanic customer base.”

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