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Bar Snacks featuring seven to eight mini courses that change seasonally

By Flavor & The Menu
April 19, 2019

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Ryan McCaskey

Acadia, a fine-dining concept that offers a 10-course tasting menu, cleverly expands its reach by featuring a mini tasting menu at the bar. The Bar Snacks tasting menu offers diners Acadia’s sophisticated culinary experience in a more relaxed and cost-effective environment, making the tasting menu a more accessible concept while fitting in seamlessly with our snacking culture.

“It allows our guests to experience a tasting menu without sitting in the dining room; a quicker, more relaxed version of what has earned us two Michelin stars,” says Chef/Owner Ryan McCaskey. “Guests love it on the way to a concert or Bears game, as a late-night snack with our incredible Amaro program, or just as a way to treat themselves to a wide variety of flavors and textures.”

For $45, guests enjoy seven to eight mini courses that change seasonally. “We begin with lighter, more snack-like bites and take them all the way through dessert,” he says. “A full meal in just a series of bites, the entire menu is a full progression of flavors.”

The current menu begins with Shrimp a la Plancha drizzled in truffle squid ink vinaigrette and Fried Pork with a gribiche sauce and pickled ramps. Next up: Kung Pao Cauliflower, BBQ Puffed Beef Tendons and a squid dish with charred jalapeño. Finishing things off is a sweet Guinness Stout chocolate bar. “It’s a great way for guests to try something new and constantly be surprised and challenged,” says McCaskey. “They continually come back to see what’s new.”

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