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Belly Up Best of Flavor 2017

Lamb Belly with Sichuan peppercorns, cucumber, pickled peach

The movement within global cuisines builds a bridge between authenticity and innovation. East Asian-inspired Gan Shan Station succeeds here, and the popular Lamb Belly dish is a fine example. Patrick O’Cain, Executive Chef and Owner, takes a cut of meat that can be found in a variety of Chinese dishes and adds traditional spices. But then he plays with unexpected counterparts.

“The lamb is a Chinese-style dish that incorporates spicy elements as well as the characteristic numbing of the Sichuan peppercorn,” says O’Cain. “The cucumbers offset the spice nicely, and the pickled peach gives a sweet and acidic finish that brightens and cuts the fattiness from the lamb belly.”

The fascinating medley of flavors and textures has made the dish one of the restaurant’s most asked-for offerings, “especially for the more adventurous eater, who is interested in something different,” he says. O’Cain says the dish would work as well with other lamb cuts. “Whether you want to braise and pull a lamb shank or grill ribs, all the elements still work.”

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