Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Author: Karen Weisberg

Partnerships with Payoff

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends Beyond the rack: This enticing Turkish-style lamb flatbread is just one of the approachable and cost-effective ideas that Meat & Livestock Australia has for utilizing different lamb parts. photo courtesy of meat & livestock australia. Meaningful industry collaborations result in menu-development wins By Karen Weisberg For many operators in all segments of the foodservice industry, partnerships with commodity boards have proven their worth. After all, boards are charged with promoting use of their products, and most of them see chefs as key to that success. Their interest in a particular operation’s guests, challenges and...

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South America: Bold Inspirations

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends A favorite cut of steak in Brazil, picanha is grilled perfectly and served with chimichurri and a fried duck egg at 1500° in Miami Beach, Fla. Photo courtesy of carolina del rivero. There’s much to please North American palates from our neighbors to the south By Karen Weisberg Over the past decade, the culinary transformation of Latin cuisine in the United States has opened the gateway for a deeper exploration of cuisines and flavors from regional areas of South America. The diverse protein-centric culinary cultures of these countries offer U.S. menu developers ample opportunity...

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Layers of Flavor

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends Often associated with pork belly, steamed buns make perfect carriers for a variety of fillings, such as smoked and braised lamb belly at Russell House Tavern in Cambridge, Mass. Photo courtesy of American Lamb Board Every component matters when creating modern-day sandwiches By Karen Weisberg The classic sandwich: a perfect blend of tender-roasted or hand-breaded melt-in-your-mouth protein layers along with grilled or pickled veggies and a just-spicy-enough signature gourmet sauce, plus a toasted, crunchy, herb-enriched artisanal bread to transport all ingredients safely from hand to mouth. The art of building such a sandwich is...

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Protein Progressions

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends Naturally raised and slow braised, pulled pork stars in two new offerings at Noodles & Company — Barbecue Pork Mac and a Peppery Pork Sandwich. Photo courtesy of noodles & company. The recovering economy influences protein’s flavor and fit in modern-day menu development By Karen Weisberg The big protein picture is evolving with the times. As our economic landscape shifts, the tastes and moods of customers adjust accordingly. We asked a number of industry consultants to track those flavor trends most likely to affect the world of protein. Food-trend forecaster Elizabeth Sloan, president of...

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Partners in Promotion

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends When commodity boards and operators team up on promotions, diners get a chance to try new dishes like this coconut-red curry roasted Alaska snow crab. Photo courtesy of alaska seafood marketing institute. Commodity boards and chain restaurants can have a win-win relationship — and improve menu offerings along the way By Karen Weisberg A commodity board can be a chain restaurant’s best ally. Each has a vested interest in promotions that will increase customer usage of a particular product, bringing increased dollars to the bottom line. Boards want to build brand awareness for their...

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