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Barilla’s Modern Casual Summit

Barilla penne with turnips, carrots, blue cheese and micro greens expresses the creative potential of a modernized Italian-American innovation.
PHOTO CREDIT: Amanda M. Westbrooks

The opportunity for menu success is huge around Italian culinary innovation. But concepts need to be mindful of keeping the heart and soul of this beloved cuisine intact, for customers won’t want to risk losing what they love about their favorite cuisine. Chain restaurant culinary teams are finding an anchor to authenticity and familiar base for modern flavor interpretation in Barilla, a strategic partner in innovation.

Such inventiveness with Italian cuisine is just one of the focus areas of Barilla’s annual “Modern Casual” summit. A wellspring of innovation around authentic Italian flavors and ingredients, Barilla brings together a small group of influential chefs to share menu ideation in an environment that cultivates passion, experimentation and inspiration. Most recently held at Farmer Lee Jones’ Culinary Vegetable Institute in Ohio, the setting is ripe for on-trend innovation and is a perfect venue for discussion of important menu-development drivers like authenticity, health and wellness, and sustainability initiatives.

For more information on Barilla’s Modern Casual summit, e-mail [email protected]


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