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A Way with Wagyu Best of Flavor 2017

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Florida orange chimichurri, sunny-side-up local quail egg and microgreens

Jason Bergeron

Steak frites works for a reason—it’s that magic combination of salt and fat and meatiness delivered by a classic plate of a grilled steak adorned with a pat of parsley butter paired with a pile of crisp fries. Jason Bergeron, Executive Chef of Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen, a small-plate concept, offers up a version with a Floridian sense of place and a more elegant profile. His Wagyu Beef Tenderloin comes with Florida orange chimichurri, sunny-side-up local quail egg and local microgreens.

The dish, served in a cast-iron skillet, is a huge hit. “It comes packed with fresh citrus flavors from the chimichurri, with a punch of cilantro,” he says. “The Wagyu steak is very tender with great marbling for a tenderloin, and the quail egg provides a nice richness to the dish to tie all the components together.” It reflects Chroma’s modern sensibility and commitment to Florida’s bounty, starting with the pasture-raised Wagyu.

“It’s served steak-frites style, and the layers are best described as ‘balanced’—a must for composed dishes,” says Bergeron. “The dish offers different layers and textures with the crunchiness of the fries, the tenderness of the beef, the creaminess of the quail egg and the cold, smooth feel of the chimichurri. Chimichurri brings sweet and sour with a vegetal finish—you get richness and smokiness from the Josper-seared beef and quail egg, all with the salty crunch of the fries. And you also get some umami and a little bitterness from the olive oil and microgreens—truly pulling together a plethora of textures and flavors.”

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