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Disco Nap - Tequila, espresso,  Amaro Averna, Ancho Reyes and coconut milk

A pick-me-up and a digestif—all in one shot. At Bodega Negra, a modern Mexican concept, the Disco Nap is designed to serve both functions. It stars tequila, espresso, Amaro Averna, Ancho Reyes and coconut milk. “Stimulants like tequila and espresso work to wake you up, while the Averna aids in digestion, making it the perfect after-dinner, pre-game jolt that—admit it or not—we all need sometimes,” says Drew Sweeney, Beverage Director. “It’s perfect for when our guests have just finished a great meal and are preparing for the fun night that lies ahead.”

This lively, social nightcap has gotten a positive response. “Our guests love it! Oftentimes, we have larger groups that are planning to head over to one of our nightclubs after dinner,” he says. “So it’s a fun way to wrap up dinner, take a shot with your friends, and get into party mode. The Disco Nap is really a social experience that our guests can enjoy with friends, and a good way to toast to the night.”

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