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A Little Lamb Best of Flavor 2017

Double-Cut Lamb Chops with blistered heirloom tomatoes and roasted artichoke

Shula’s is a classic steakhouse that has found great success in going a little rogue recently. “Our new Double-Cut Lamb Chops are a bit off-page for us,” says Brian Vossler, Corporate Executive Chef. “They’re also an accidental home run, so we’re very happy.”

Lamb is not new on the menu, but Shula’s has always offered the loin chop, or porterhouse cut. Vossler introduced this new lamb dish in January, featuring rib chops and presenting them in a modern, more veg-centric setting. “Our sales are up on lamb over last year,” he says. “We’re sourcing pasture-raised Australian lamb, grilling the double-cut chops and serving them over blistered heirloom tomatoes with balsamic glaze and fresh thyme, and tossed with Kalamata olives and roasted artichoke. It eats unbelievably well.”

Lamb chops are certainly evergreen, but what also moves this dish into newer territory for this steakhouse is its lighter presentation. “We cater to a lot of business travelers, and many of them sit at the bar on their own, looking to enjoy a nice dinner, but not necessarily needing sharing-size portions of side dishes,” says Vossler.

“This dish gives them a great eating experience in a lighter style. We also ask our servers to share the sourcing story with our diners—it’s a lean protein that’s high in omega-3s, and the lamb is pasture-raised. That’s a strong narrative for us to share.” In addition to its “Shula Cut Steaks,” Vossler is also eyeing pasture-raised Wagyu for the brand’s latest concept, Steakbar, slated to open later this year.

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