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A Botanical Experience Babbalucci | New York

PHOTO CREDIT: Flavor & The Menu Staff

The Negroni Bianco has been showing up on forward-thinking cocktail menus, playing up the botanical side of the classic Negroni. The version served at Babbalucci introduces fresh notes of cucumber bitters and lemon, toning down the bitter edge of the classic cocktail. “The drink was inspired by the bitter and sweet taste given by mixing Campari with vermouth,” says Enzo Cangemi, the restaurant’s beverage consultant. He uses herbal liquor made with gentian as well as a fragrant Cinzano Bianco, mixed with gin-infused juniper berries. Cangemi explains that mixing botanical-based spirits has a strong impact on the palate, so balance must be precise in this drink. “I think the concession of flavor is refreshing and stimulates your appetite as an aperitif,” he says.

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