Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Trend Takeaways

A classic sandwich, endless innovation
Applying the value and versatility of hand-selected beef cuts across the menu
From seed to package, sustainability has multiple layers at Gills Onions
Putting flavor inspirations to work in dishes that deliver what customers demand
A fresh approach to menu engineering


A reader's perspective on a few of the topics explored in this issue
Crafting nostalgic food memories one bite at a time
This ancient fruit offers trend-forward solutions for modern menus
Trend tracking uncovers new menu opportunities: Japanese-Italian mash-ups, Nikkei cuisine and yuzu kosho
The breakfast sandwich offers an ideal home for the red-hot fried chicken trend


Plant-based and protein-rich noodles and pasta become menu game-changers
Translating next-gen flavors for successful cold-coffee beverage menus
Trend tracking uncovers new menu opportunities: Dry-aged finfish and fat-washed cocktails
Reaching this demographic requires tapping into emotional connections to food
Trend tracking uncovers new menu opportunities, including a new breed of both pizza and plant-based concepts