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Silky Smooth Fig & Olive | Based in New York

Posted on May 1, 2016 in Best of Flavor, Best of Flavor 2016

Silky Smooth: Fig & Olive | Based in New York
The-Fig-and-OliveThe Fig & Olive with cucumber vodka, blood orange purée, blood orange-infused olive oil

Fig & Olive is known for its use of olive oils, sourcing different varietals ranging from the French Riviera and Spain’s Catalonia to Tuscany. “It’s only natural that we began experimenting with different varietals at our bar. We found that olive oil adds a pleasing depth and silkiness to any drink,” says Beverage Manager Mitchell Malnati. Its signature cocktail, The Fig & Olive, combines organic cucumber vodka, blood orange purée, lime juice, celery, egg white, simple syrup and blood orange-infused olive oil. “With olive oil, you can alter the experience of one ingredient from bright to buttery to herbaceous, depending entirely on the varietal of finishing oil used,” he says. “Guests find the cocktail both intriguing and memorable.”