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roasting vegetables in coconut oil further develops flavor.

Commodity boards harness the momentum of the bowl trend

Crispy Pork Belly rubbed with salt, sugar, cumin and coriander, and roasted until the pork insanely crispy and layered with a Salsa Negra. Blistered guajillo, roasted poblanos, roasted garlic, cumin, coriander, allspice, salt and cider vinegar come together in this salsa.

On-trend menu builds that stand out with rich flavor stories

Watermelon Salad - Compressed watermelon, mozzarella, baby heirloom tomatoes, fennel, cucumbers, basil, lemon-curd vinaigrette

Hen Quarter's Watermelon Salad - compressed watermelon, mozzarella, baby heirloom tomatoes, fennel, cucumbers, basil, lemon-curd vinaigrette.

Citrus appetizers, like whipped goat cheese with preserved lemons and Marcona almonds, wake the palate with bright, tart flavors.

A dozen ways to leverage the fresh zing of citrus across the menu

Carolina BBQ Olga - Barbecue smoked pork, cheddar, pickle, onion straws

Olga’s Kitchen offers Carolina BBQ Olga - Barbecue smoked pork, cheddar, pickle, onion straws

Boasting butter’s flavor- carrying virtues (clockwise from top left): beet butter, whole-grain mustard butter, Sriracha butter, olive and sun-dried tomato butter, and roasted poblano butter.

Sweet Ambassador: Custom Deluxe | Biddeford, Maine

In Washington, D.C., Espita Mezcaleria invites diners to try new flavors—such as a selection of adventurous salsas—and to dive into shareable dishes, a hallmark of the Millennial generation.

The priorities of a generation continue to shape our industry in profound ways

At Oregon State University, Job’s tears, also known as Chinese pearl barley, are cooked in dashi broth with shoyu pork, pickled mushroom, green chickpeas and poached egg.

Forward-thinking culinary directors are pioneering new landscape and impacting the mindset, sophistication and expectation of younger consumers

Staplehouse in Atlanta typifies the New American restaurant: honest food, a casual vibe, and a menu that unabashedly pulls from whatever global pantry it fancies—as long as it helps tell a good flavor story.

This “Magical” Cheese Soup from Hearthstone Bistro Bar & Grill in Muskegon, Mich., is garnished with cheese popcorn.

Generic tomato soup and clam chowder will probably never go away, but creative innovation can help elevate soups to signature. Here are 10 upgrades, from creative garnishes to edgy, global mash-ups, that could give chicken noodle a run for your profits.

The latest ingredients bartenders are using to make a beverage pop.

A fun way to have poke: on wonton chips and topped with three different sauces. Yard House’s Carlito Jocson was inspired to create this seafood snack after a visit to Hawaii.

Newer menu development around seafood is edgier, more global, and often sees bolder flavor combinations.

Il Palio in Chapel Hill, N.C., offers a shareable selection of 12 wood-grilled crostini, topped with ingredients like tomato and anchovy or marinated olives.

Key into the flavor preferences of the hugely influential younger generations.

Al’s Place in San Francisco is on top of the pickled fries trend with its mouth-watering Brine-Fermented French Fries.

A dozen of today’s most exciting fried foods.

Panera Bread introduced a list of additives that they will no longer use. Clean items on the menu, such as the Chinese Citrus Cashew Salad with Chicken, are made with no artificial ingredients.

With blood orange, kumquat, radish, Serrano, cilantro, avocado and lime, this Rockfish and Shrimp Ceviche Tostada at Fishing with Dynamite in Manhattan Beach, Calif., showcases modern flavors in today’s seafood menu development.

From the porterhouse to the ribeye, official pork chop names drive big value for operators. Watch this video to learn how to butcher and name chops coming from a bone-in loin

Watch this video to learn how to butcher and name chops coming from a bone-in loin.

The Right Stuff: BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse | Based in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Deli Delight: Packed | Chicago

Pastrami Dumpling with violet mustard and pickled green tomatoes.

Burger Trial Balloon: Brick House Tavern + Tap | Based in Houston

Cubano Craving: Honey Butter Fried Chicken | Chicago

Serendipitous Success: Suviche | Based in Miami, Fla.

Chicago’s Seoul Taco serves up Korean-Mexican fusion like this Gogi Bowl with rice, fried egg, carrots and spicy gochujang.

Veg-centric, root-to-stem, as well as an overall greater attention paid to produce, are all propelling carrots from workhorse to star status.

Both The Pho-King Champ at Midnight Rambler in Dallas and The Star Anise at Mace in New York (above) feature intense Asian spices, flavors rarely seen on cocktail menus before now.

Ataula’s Pepito sandwich is built of luxurious layers of braised veal breast, roasted red pepper confit, veal jus, horseradish cream and Havarti cheese on brioche.

Two nostalgic favorites in one: S’mores Baked Alaska at Atwood in Chicago is topped with housemade marshmallow fluff—torched to campfire perfection.

As more chefs modernize nostalgic desserts, both consumer expectation and menu opportunity go up.

2016 Wolds of Flavor chefs

Trends from new menus
 include (clockwise from top left): crudités at Resto in New York; Delicata squash at Santa Monica Yacht Club; okonomiyaki at New York’s Okiway; and carrot toast at New York’s Avant Garden.

The Wally at Sandfly Bar-B-Q in Savannah, Ga., packs flavor with duck fat-fried chicken fingers, ranch dressing and red cabbage slaw.

Sandwiches invite creativity, from riffs on such classics as club sandwiches and BLTs to new ingredient stars like lamb and braised short rib.

New York-based Dig Inn showcases the modern produce-protein partnership in its Marketplate, with two servings of flavor-forward vegetables, a base of grains or rice and a serving of protein in creative applications, like these five-spice meatballs with harissa.

Meze for sharing: Typical of Middle Eastern cuisine are the small plates of brightly flavored dips and bites. At Shaya in New Orleans, meze dishes range from labneh to baba ghanouj to a variety of pickles.

Skillet Switch-Up: Hacienda Colorado | Based in Denver

Clockwise from top left: Vegan Carolina “pork” barbecue using green jackfruit; chawanmushi egg custard at Cassia in Santa Monica, Calif.; LocoL’s cheeseburger with Jack-scallion relish and “awesome sauce,” and assorted paratha “tacos” from Goa Taco.

Classic cocktails like the Negroni are celebrated anew. They’re a perfect match for the revival of the steakhouse, like this one served at Diplomat Prime in Hollywood, Fla.

An interesting progression emerges in cocktail trends

With something as inherently popular as cheesecake, it’s easy to augment the appeal. Anything from a decorative sauce to an unexpected crust generates added interest.

Cheesecake offers a rich canvas for fun, modern flavor innovation


Paella With Chicken, Chorizo, Clams And Shirred Eggs
This paella with shirred eggs is an example of how dinner dishes are showing up at breakfast and egg dishes are growing dramatically on dinner menus.
This Mediterranean-inspired egg strata, with Swiss chard, olives, thyme and fresh mozzarella is ideal for vegetarians looking for a protein-rich meal, or any guest who wants a healthy meal with great flavor.
Pear Shrimp Salad with Cilantro Yogurt Dressing
The cilantro yogurt dressing is really the difference maker in this dish. It’s so creamy, fresh and flavorful, and yet lower in calories thanks to non-fat Greek yogurt.



Stephanie Tyson's trifecta of milk chocolate, bourbon and CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce is unexpected, but certainly inviting
CMAB recently unveiled a new campaign spotlighting “REAL Makers”—innovative chefs from throughout the country using California dairy in an interesting way.
Over 150 million sweetener packets are consumed every day. ecoSticks makes sweeteners and their packets more socially conscious, with a 50% reduction in filler and packaging.
Hummus is having a moment. Nestlé Minor's brings you nine ways to signaturize this craveable, wholesome Middle Eastern dip.


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