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Globe Trotting Commodity boards showcase how to harness trending global flavors

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PHOTO CREDIT: National Mango Board

Pisco 2.0

This fresh and creamy Virtue Cocktail features Peruvian pisco and cucumber syrup, with the unique addition of California Greek yogurt. The yogurt introduces a luxurious richness with less fat than cream, while the pisco, a fresh and grapey spirit now seeing a return to the spotlight, provides the body for the cocktail and a base for the aromatic and tangy notes from the cucumber syrup and lemon juice. “Yogurt has been a part of cocktail menus across the world for centuries and is becoming a huge trend in the U.S. as operators are incorporating this global inspiration into their own cocktail creations to add a unique tang and funky sweet flavor,” says Executive Chef Pierre Tumlin of The Dorian in San Francisco, and creator of this cocktail recipe. “Blending a small amount of yogurt can lead to a lot of unique cocktail creations and can help round out the drink.”

California Milk Advisory Board

Carrying Flavor

“This dish represents our style of cookery and cooking in Latin cuisines and cultures,” says Almir da Fonseca, chef-instructor and culinary arts professor at The Culinary Institute of America, describing Goat Tinga Sopes, a dish he developed for the National Peanut Board. “It is a one-pot cooking style that delivers amazing textures, aromas and flavors, and produces versatile dishes that can be served over rice, on tortillas, tacos, etc. In this case we used sopes— corn cakes that are twice-cooked and topped with delicious toppings, making a fun and flavorful dish.” The slow-cooked goat is seasoned with bay leaves, onion, garlic and chipotle chiles in adobo. The meat is shredded and further simmered with the chipotle sauce then placed atop sopes, topped with diced cabbage, queso, chopped roasted peanuts and radish slices, and drizzled with an aromatic cilantro-lime green peanut oil.

National Peanut Board

Torta Takeover

Gonzalo Guzman makes the true spirit, roots, and flavors of regional Mexican cooking come alive at San Francisco restaurant Nopalito, where he is head chef. His Torta Pambazo is a delectable sandwich filled with spicy chorizo and chunky potatoes, cooling crema, crunchy pickled vegetables and California avocado slices on freshly baked, guajillo salsa-smeared torta bread. For sandwich lovers, tortas are the solution for a satisfying handheld meal with bold global flavors, reflective of California’s culinary culture. “Our current generation of chefs is comfortable merging global and local traditions and ingredients, therefore fresh California avocados have long played a role in the ethnic foods enjoyed by the state’s diners,” says Guzman.

California Avocado Commission

Brat Beauty

With both fermented foods and Korean cuisine trending, one can see how global flavor profiles can transform even the simplest of dishes in this K-Town Brat. Here, bratwurst is taken to a new level with a sweet and sour mango kimchi and mango mustard. “Fermented foods, like pickles and sauerkraut, are classic to the roots of how we think of hot dogs and stadium brats,” says CD Culinary Approach’s Dave Woolley, chef consultant for the National Mango Board. “So the transition to Korean kimchi was a natural one, and the addition of tropical sweet and sour flavor notes from fresh mango in the kimchi is our take on a perfect complement to the hearty flavor of brats.”

National Mango Board

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