Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Author: Maeve Webster

Carrot Craze New ways to showcase carrots are turning this everyday ingredient into a signature menu item

Veg-centric, root-to-stem, as well as an overall greater attention paid to produce, are all propelling carrots from workhorse to star status. Carrots are being catapulted into trend-leader position. And that’s despite the fact that carrots have not seen the explosive growth or media coverage enjoyed by kale. But their potential for stardom is evident across foodservice. What makes carrots interesting, for those of us who track this type of thing, is their near ubiquity on menus. As all chefs know, carrots lie at the heart of many classic applications and processes, including the scratch production of stocks. Frequently, carrots...

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Grain Salads Whole-grain salads offer a healthful, natural platform for flavor innovation

The world of grains has opened up in the last few years, ushering in a new era of discovery. Bolstered by intriguing, historical narratives and significant health positives, chefs are menuing ancient grains like quinoa, freekeh, farro and barley in whole-grain salads, as both sides and entrées. Bowls have become the modern version of a salad: heartier, driven by global flavor exploration, and perceived as both delicious and wholesome.

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