Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development

Author: Flavor & The Menu Staff

Go Deep Brining and braising introduce moisture, complexity and nuance to modern dishes

Best of FlavorTop 10 Trends The most important markers in foodservice today are culinary craftsmanship and developed flavor. Power terms like “hand-crafted” and “house-pickled” convey that craftsmanship, touting authenticity and technique. Two techniques that have been around forever naturally deliver that message: brining and braising. Both require skill. Both require time and attention. And both carry with them evocative messages of deliciousness. Equally significant, brining and braising also develop flavor, coaxing out nuance and complexity. Modern fast casuals have certainly tapped into this, showcasing big flavor in dishes like braised chicken thighs or pork butt, perhaps featured in tacos...

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